Unintentionally breaking glass IS lucky right?….

We were up, ready and rearing to go! A good 8 hours sleep – Check! Filling breakfast – Check! Lots of caffeine – Check! Scruffy clothes – Check We were fully prepared for the day ahead, or so we thought. We started off by removing a few more parts from Betsy, I worked on removing … Continue reading Unintentionally breaking glass IS lucky right?….

Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side – What Do We Know?

I know were not the only ones who spend our time scrolling through instagram post after instagram post looking at these beautiful beaches, mountains and lakes. And oh those vans, the beautifully converted vans, all singing all dancing, wood interiors which are incredibly heavy and very bad for fuel economy - Is this all really … Continue reading Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side – What Do We Know?

This Place is a SHAMBLES!!

Well, not quite. You'll see what I mean... York still remains one of my favourite places in the UK to visit. It really does have absolutely everything for everyone. We only had a short weekend here but it was exactly what we needed, night-life, beautiful buildings and good shops. I feel like every time I … Continue reading This Place is a SHAMBLES!!

The York Roast Co

If you have never heard of the phenomenon that is the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap then you have most definitely been living in hibernation for the last 3-4 months. What are they? Well the name its self is pretty explanatory but there are a number of fillings. Its basically a giant Yorkshire pudding, filled with either … Continue reading The York Roast Co

Get a fringe they said….

It will be fun they said... It will bring out your eyes they said... Really easy to maintain they said... Well I guess being a blogger means I have to try new things so that I can write reviews and give advice to my readers. This and the fact I have a hairdresser who isn't … Continue reading Get a fringe they said….

C’mon Let Meeee Entertain You!

Anybody who spends time in a van or caravan will know, there are always times when it’s raining, you’re not looking out at beautiful views, you're simply just tired or it’s so darn cold you wouldn’t even consider sitting outside! In these instances we all need some form of entertainment. So here are a few things … Continue reading C’mon Let Meeee Entertain You!

Warning Off Winter With Buso!

The end of winter in Hungary is celebrated with a 6 day masked carnival/festival. The Busos festival legend originates for two different stories. One legend states that during the Ottaman (Turkish) times of territory the local villagers fled to nearby swamps and woodland to escape the Ottoman troops. Then one night a hooded man appeared … Continue reading Warning Off Winter With Buso!

Van life doesn’t mean you have to lose face!

Life on the road is always going to take a toll on your beauty regime. First of all, most of us wear make up to work and to socialise, which is basically 80% of the time right? My first point has to be, taking a day off. Its good for the skin to be able to … Continue reading Van life doesn’t mean you have to lose face!

Picture perfect hair for Van Lifers!

Spending time on the road can take a toll on your beauty regime, but only if you let it! I’m going to share with you some of my favourite tips and techniques that I have discovered to keep your hair fresh and photo worthy whilst living the Van life. For those of you who religiously … Continue reading Picture perfect hair for Van Lifers!

Scotland – The Right to Roam

The ‘Right to Roam’ is a beautiful thing. Wanna wake up on the beach? Half way up a mountain ready for sunrise? Next to a Lighthouse or a Loch? Snowboard down any mountain you fancy? Scotland allows you to do all of these things. In Scotland you have a right to roam across highland, lowland … Continue reading Scotland – The Right to Roam