This Place is a SHAMBLES!!

Well, not quite. You'll see what I mean... York still remains one of my favourite places in the UK to visit. It really does have absolutely everything for everyone. We only had a short weekend here but it was exactly what we needed, night-life, beautiful buildings and good shops. I feel like every time I … Continue reading This Place is a SHAMBLES!!

As if by magic…(Stirling and Aviemore)

As if by magic, we got to this point. Little vanventures has scored '32' on the scrabble board. Now, there's a whole lotta travelling to go through, before we actually get to be sitting here, at The Old Bridge Inn, starting with... Our first stop was Stirling, we found a small off grid carpark on … Continue reading As if by magic…(Stirling and Aviemore)

Abersoch Again! The resuscitation of Betsy and that darn Weever Fish!

This particular weekend, it was Tom’s friends birthday so quite a large group of us all headed back down to Abersoch. However, we didn’t say in the same carpark as last time as there were so many of us and some of us were in tents. Instead, we stayed just a little bit further up … Continue reading Abersoch Again! The resuscitation of Betsy and that darn Weever Fish!

Meet the Vans – The Yellow One

The Yellow One   So this van belongs to me (Tom) and is currently nameless to an extent... However its quite often referred to as.. "Mellow Yellow" "Yellow Submarine" "Little Mr Sunshine" "Yellow Peril" "Bumblebee" Not really sure why it gets these name to be honest... Either way, None of them quite take our fancy … Continue reading Meet the Vans – The Yellow One

Meet the Vans – Betsy

Betsy is my 1972 pink Type 2 bay window VW and we love her to bits! Read more about her here!

Who are we?

Hello and welcome to Little Vanventures blog. Now, you're probably wondering who we are and why we decided to start a blog, so here goes... We are Tom and Emilie, we live in North West Lancashire and we absolutely LOVE exploring! At the moment, this is not something we are doing full time, so this … Continue reading Who are we?