Barbados tips for first timers!

Now, I probably won’t cover everything but here’s a few key points which stuck in my mind… Locals The locals are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. The problem for us British? They are far too friendly for our liking, well until we get used to it anyway. They will try and … Continue reading Barbados tips for first timers!

Shut Up And Put Your Dirham Where Your Mouth Is…

That's what you get for waking up in Marrakech... It's that time again, time for me to shut up and put my money where my mouth is. In one of my earlier posts, I told you I use Numbeo to estimate my travel spends and then add 20% for 'Just in case' We’re off to … Continue reading Shut Up And Put Your Dirham Where Your Mouth Is…

Myth Busters – Garlic and Mosquitoes!

We all have that one unlucky friend, the one who spends all holiday looking swollen and red, itching and scratching whilst covering themselves in every repellent going. Luckily for my friends, that one is me! And what causes this traumatic experience? Mosquitoes! When I was younger I never used to have this problem but as … Continue reading Myth Busters – Garlic and Mosquitoes!

Get a fringe they said….

It will be fun they said... It will bring out your eyes they said... Really easy to maintain they said... Well I guess being a blogger means I have to try new things so that I can write reviews and give advice to my readers. This and the fact I have a hairdresser who isn't … Continue reading Get a fringe they said….

C’mon Let Meeee Entertain You!

Anybody who spends time in a van or caravan will know, there are always times when it’s raining, you’re not looking out at beautiful views, you're simply just tired or it’s so darn cold you wouldn’t even consider sitting outside! In these instances we all need some form of entertainment. So here are a few things … Continue reading C’mon Let Meeee Entertain You!

Picture perfect hair for Van Lifers!

Spending time on the road can take a toll on your beauty regime, but only if you let it! I’m going to share with you some of my favourite tips and techniques that I have discovered to keep your hair fresh and photo worthy whilst living the Van life. For those of you who religiously … Continue reading Picture perfect hair for Van Lifers!