A glutton for punishment

Is a term that suits me quite well I believe! I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, mainly because those couple of winter pounds is starting to become a spring stone. I think I’ll always be a little bit chunky. I’ve never had the ballerina build. As one of my colleagues calls it, … Continue reading A glutton for punishment

Fly away with me!

I have decided to share a passion with my loyal readers. I have created a newsletter detailing the cheapest flights available at the moment as I spend a lot of time hunting for cheap flights myself, so I thought why not share them? We absolutely love to travel and I cannot wait to help you … Continue reading Fly away with me!

Hey, Newbies!

I'm just kidding. Im very much still a newbie myself! I was asked by a follow blogger if I would provide them with some information as to what I felt wasted my time being a new blogger and what was counter productive to growing my blog. Of course, I was more than happy to share … Continue reading Hey, Newbies!

Myth Busters – Garlic and Mosquitoes!

We all have that one unlucky friend, the one who spends all holiday looking swollen and red, itching and scratching whilst covering themselves in every repellent going. Luckily for my friends, that one is me! And what causes this traumatic experience? Mosquitoes! When I was younger I never used to have this problem but as … Continue reading Myth Busters – Garlic and Mosquitoes!