Woah, I went to Barbados!

Woah, I wanna go back to the island Woah, We swam with the turtles in the deep blue sea I’m having a week of playing catch up, as at the moment we have quite a quiet schedule with spending our weekends working on #Betsysfacelift. This isn’t a bad thing for me as it has given … Continue reading Woah, I went to Barbados!

You did WHAT on a TUESDAY?!?!

We went to a rave. I repeat, we went to a RAVE. Not just me. My MUM and my AUNTY came too. Along with my friend Shannon and her MUM. Yep, we basically went on a family outing to a RAVE on a TUESDAY. Now that’s settled with you, we also played BINGO at this … Continue reading You did WHAT on a TUESDAY?!?!