Fly away with me!

I have decided to share a passion with my loyal readers. I have created a newsletter detailing the cheapest flights available at the moment as I spend a lot of time hunting for cheap flights myself, so I thought why not share them? We absolutely love to travel and I cannot wait to help you … Continue reading Fly away with me!

The Hospital in the Rocks – Budapest

The Hospital in the Rock was an incredible experience for me and one I would recommend to anyone interested in the tragic history of Budapest. For many people, mainly the British, we think the war ended in the 1940’s however for many, war crimes and terror continued until the late 1980’s in the form of … Continue reading The Hospital in the Rocks – Budapest

Warning Off Winter With Buso!

The end of winter in Hungary is celebrated with a 6 day masked carnival/festival. The Busos festival legend originates for two different stories. One legend states that during the Ottaman (Turkish) times of territory the local villagers fled to nearby swamps and woodland to escape the Ottoman troops. Then one night a hooded man appeared … Continue reading Warning Off Winter With Buso!

Numbeo does it again!

1016 Miles Travelled 600 Photos 19 Miles Explored on Foot No comment on beers supped! And the one you’ve all been waiting for… £132 per person on spends £38 on pre-booked sightseeing Bringing my grand total to £170 or 59,440 Forint. NUMBEO DOES IT AGAIN! For anyone who hasn’t seen my original post ‘shut up … Continue reading Numbeo does it again!

Shut Up And Put Your Forint Where Your Mouth Is…

That's what you get for waking up in Budapest! Clearly, I can't pull that one off quite as well as Katy Perry can but I am about to put my money where my mouth is. In my last post I told you that I use a website called Numbeo to calculate my holiday spends, plus … Continue reading Shut Up And Put Your Forint Where Your Mouth Is…

Poland – The numbers game

3448 km Travelled Over 7 days Across 4 Flights Riding 1 Train Sleeping in 2 Hotels And enjoying the luxury of 2 Apartments. Now, on to the killer question… How much did this cost? Flight Total – £71.98 each (Combination of Ryanair and Wizz) Train Total - £15 each Accommodation Total – £174 (Between 2) … Continue reading Poland – The numbers game

Lest we forget – Krakow

We had clear blue skies from Wroclaw to Krakow, we took the train as this was the fastest and cheapest option, costing around £15 one way and taking 2 hours. Myself and Shannon spent most of the train ride eating to pass time – we were on holiday after all! When we arrived at Krakow … Continue reading Lest we forget – Krakow

Meet the Vans – The Yellow One

The Yellow One   So this van belongs to me (Tom) and is currently nameless to an extent... However its quite often referred to as.. "Mellow Yellow" "Yellow Submarine" "Little Mr Sunshine" "Yellow Peril" "Bumblebee" Not really sure why it gets these name to be honest... Either way, None of them quite take our fancy … Continue reading Meet the Vans – The Yellow One