West Yorkshire – Whernside and the Ribblehead Viaduct

Now, this spot is a little closer to home for us which makes it the perfect spot to disappear to when we only have one night spare. Why waste a night sitting at home when you can be in a van somewhere completely random?! This particular night, we had just been to a friends Halloween leaving … Continue reading West Yorkshire – Whernside and the Ribblehead Viaduct


Germany – Bremen (The Best Bits!)

On to one of my FAVE places… Now, this post is not a Van Travel blog like my usual ones, however, I couldn’t possibly leave this hidden gem of Germany out. You can tell it’s one of our favourite places as we even named our Labrador after it! My dad came out here to work … Continue reading Germany – Bremen (The Best Bits!)

Abersoch Again! The resuscitation of Betsy and that darn Weever Fish!

This particular weekend, it was Tom’s friends birthday so quite a large group of us all headed back down to Abersoch. However, we didn’t say in the same carpark as last time as there were so many of us and some of us were in tents. Instead, we stayed just a little bit further up … Continue reading Abersoch Again! The resuscitation of Betsy and that darn Weever Fish!

Scotland – Edinburgh/Loch Lubnaig

I had always wanted to visit the Kelpies at Stirling so this particular weekend, myself and Tom planned a route up to Stirling to see the Kelpies and the Falkirk wheel, then onto our first camp spot on the Friday night at Edinburgh, then onto Loch Lubnaig for a more peaceful evening on the Saturday. … Continue reading Scotland – Edinburgh/Loch Lubnaig

Wales – Abersoch (Hells Mouth- Pwllheli)

I was introduced to this gem by Tom. It's nice and simple to find, it's essentially the main car park at Hells Mouth beach. It's a square carpark and approximately a 5 minute walk down a straight sandy path from the carpark to the beach. As far as camp spots go, I do believe this one … Continue reading Wales – Abersoch (Hells Mouth- Pwllheli)

Keep it simple!

Cars are a fabulous thing - When they're actually working! You've met the vans, so now you get to meet 'Big Blue' Big Blue is my 2010 Renault Clio and my daily run around. I had absolutely no intentions of ever really posting about my normal car until yesterday afternoon when she decided to betray … Continue reading Keep it simple!

Lake District – Coniston

My first sleepover in Betsy was at Coniston. I had been up there walking the weekend before with a friend and noticed a cute little hideaway at the side of the road. There was a bit of a run down out building set aside from the road and a little cave and waterfall - It … Continue reading Lake District – Coniston

Meet the Vans – The Yellow One

The Yellow One   So this van belongs to me (Tom) and is currently nameless to an extent... However its quite often referred to as.. "Mellow Yellow" "Yellow Submarine" "Little Mr Sunshine" "Yellow Peril" "Bumblebee" Not really sure why it gets these name to be honest... Either way, None of them quite take our fancy … Continue reading Meet the Vans – The Yellow One

Meet the Vans – Betsy

Betsy is my 1972 pink Type 2 bay window VW and we love her to bits! Read more about her here!

Who are we?

Hello and welcome to Little Vanventures blog. Now, you're probably wondering who we are and why we decided to start a blog, so here goes... We are Tom and Emilie, we live in North West Lancashire and we absolutely LOVE exploring! At the moment, this is not something we are doing full time, so this … Continue reading Who are we?