Staying Warm in Winter

Now, theres a mixture of ways you can help yourself with this one. The main ones I'm going to cover are; The van you're planning on staying in, your winter wardrobe and general common sense! Van Our van is insulated with loft insulation wool and it makes a heck of a difference! The Yellow One … Continue reading Staying Warm in Winter

Castle on the hill… (Dunure)

We were supposed to go to Ayr and camp near the beach, in reality that was harder than it seemed. When we arrived, we couldn't see any parking signs for the beach front however every carpark had height restrictions and also signs saying no over night camping so it didn't fill us with confidence that … Continue reading Castle on the hill… (Dunure)

Please, leave me as you found me.

Well, not quite me, but these lovely camp spots we are having the pleasure of sharing with you. It's really important for us that we leave places as we find them when we have been wild camping as not to ruin it for the next person or to tarnish the name of campers/caravanners/vanners. We have … Continue reading Please, leave me as you found me.

Everybody’s gone surfing… (Stonehaven)

Well, not quite. Just Tom, because he's the only one mad enough to do so in -3 degree temperatures! Anyway, this little spot quickly became one of my favourites in the short 18 hours we spent here. Firstly, the camp spot itself. Now, this is luxury. It has TOILETS. That's right, it's has fully functional … Continue reading Everybody’s gone surfing… (Stonehaven)

And they called it puppy love… (Stonehaven)

Today, we got to tick something amazing off our Bucket List. A Husky ride. At Husky Haven, not only did we get a husky ride, we got to meet and greet all of the huskies separately, we got to feed them, give them water, harness them up AND we were our own mushers with our … Continue reading And they called it puppy love… (Stonehaven)

As if by magic…(Stirling and Aviemore)

As if by magic, we got to this point. Little vanventures has scored '32' on the scrabble board. Now, there's a whole lotta travelling to go through, before we actually get to be sitting here, at The Old Bridge Inn, starting with... Our first stop was Stirling, we found a small off grid carpark on … Continue reading As if by magic…(Stirling and Aviemore)

Wouldn’t want to break a nail would we?

Where do I start? Well, now we have FINALLY started the journey! We have been planning to go to Scotland between Christmas and New Year for a while. There are a few reasons why we are crazy enough to consider this, with weather forecasts saying a minimum -6°C, the reasons are: - They are “free” … Continue reading Wouldn’t want to break a nail would we?

Why boys shouldn’t be trusted to buy STUFF

As females, we've heard it all. 'You have too many shoes' 'Too many bags' 'Why do you need another pair of jeans?' And 'You don't need a bigger wardrobe, you need to get rid of some clothes.' What the male population forgets, is that even though their 'stuff' may take up less room in regards … Continue reading Why boys shouldn’t be trusted to buy STUFF

Boondocking – Eh?

You’re probably thinking what on earth are they babbling on about? I also thought this too! But, as the saying goes; you learn something new every day! I shared a tweet earlier, to which it was re-shared with some new and improved funky #hashtags, one of which was ‘Boondocking’. Now, what is Boondocking? Boondocking is … Continue reading Boondocking – Eh?

Lake District – Windermere (Red Nab)

This is another fairly local stop off point for us. This particular evening, Tom had been working twilight shift so didn’t finish until 6. Being the very kind girlfriend that I am and the fact I had just recently been insured on Tom's van, I offered to drive. Mainly out of curiosity to see what … Continue reading Lake District – Windermere (Red Nab)