Staying Warm in Winter

Now, theres a mixture of ways you can help yourself with this one. The main ones I’m going to cover are; The van you’re planning on staying in, your winter wardrobe and general common sense! Van Our van is insulated with loft insulation wool and it makes a heck of a difference! The Yellow One…

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Castle on the hill… (Dunure)

We were supposed to go to Ayr and camp near the beach, in reality that was harder than it seemed. When we arrived, we couldn’t see any parking signs for the beach front however every carpark had height restrictions and also signs saying no over night camping so it didn’t fill us with confidence that…

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Boondocking – Eh?

You’re probably thinking what on earth are they babbling on about? I also thought this too! But, as the saying goes; you learn something new every day! I shared a tweet earlier, to which it was re-shared with some new and improved funky #hashtags, one of which was ‘Boondocking’. Now, what is Boondocking? Boondocking is…

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