Fly away with me!

I have decided to share a passion with my loyal readers. I have created a newsletter detailing the cheapest flights available at the moment as I spend a lot of time hunting for cheap flights myself, so I thought why not share them? We absolutely love to travel and I cannot wait to help you … Continue reading Fly away with me!


Scottish tourist tax to be introduced!

Yep, I am in no way joking about this one. It looks like pretty soon tourists will be charged £2 per night to stay in Scottish hotels! Council leaders unanimously agreed that the local government should prepare to implement tourist Tax which was originally mentioned by Labour in the 2018/19 budget. The new tourist tax … Continue reading Scottish tourist tax to be introduced!

Can technology really continue to advance as much as it has over the last 50 years?

This one doesn’t really have any connection to the predominant theme for my blog, which is of course travel and van life. However, after a recent conversation within my office at work it’s something I would really like to hear other people’s opinions on. I asked the question ‘Do you think technology will advance as much as it has in the last 50 years for the next 50 years?’

Who you gonna call?

Rust Busters! That’s right – myself and big Tom are now fully fledged ‘Rust Busters’ We spent Saturday afternoon in the garage (Yes, because were soft and it was freezing outside!) doing some serious rust bustin! This kinda thing takes serious skill. Serious skill in the form of a lot of patience because there’s hours … Continue reading Who you gonna call?

Madam, Sir, Madam, Sir! Please come inside…

I have absolutely no words to describe this place. Actually, that’s a lie. I have too many words to describe this place and like the souks themselves, they’re all swirling around in a plethora of madness. Firstly, what are the souks? The Souks are a maze of different markets which are located inside the red … Continue reading Madam, Sir, Madam, Sir! Please come inside…

The Day of Dublin!

If you got the opportunity to visit a new City, just for the day, would you take it? 12 hours of fresh culture, unexplored soil and in this case a taste of real Guinness! This is exactly what I did when Ryanair had a flash sale. I got return tickets to Dublin for £4 and … Continue reading The Day of Dublin!

Yes, We’re doing it ALL!…But Why?

Everyone knows that the old VW’s are worth a penny or two. Especially if they’re in good condition. This is why everyone is always shocked when we say were doing everything ourselves, including the paintwork. I’m going to start right back at the very beginning so I can paint you a picture of exactly what … Continue reading Yes, We’re doing it ALL!…But Why?

Dubfreeze Day!

The first VW show of the season had arrived! And boy, didn’t we know it, we were stood in a long queue of people waiting to get their VW fix! We probably arrived at the wrong time in fairness as we had to queue a good 20 mins to get through the gates! There were … Continue reading Dubfreeze Day!

Unintentionally breaking glass IS lucky right?….

We were up, ready and rearing to go! A good 8 hours sleep – Check! Filling breakfast – Check! Lots of caffeine – Check! Scruffy clothes – Check We were fully prepared for the day ahead, or so we thought. We started off by removing a few more parts from Betsy, I worked on removing … Continue reading Unintentionally breaking glass IS lucky right?….

As promised…

I have completed setting up our social media accounts! YouTube, well, It's been hmmm... different...embarrassing... hilarious to say the very least! And yep, I STILL hate the sound of my own voice but apparently Tom hates his too so that's cool, least I'm not the only one! Personally, I think the outtakes are the best … Continue reading As promised…