You want me to strip an engine?

Were back tracking a bit here as we need to catch up. Time flies when you're having fun! This is the progress of operation #Betsysfacelift We spent the weekend stripping down the engine and cleaning up as many parts as possible. Its not that the engine particularly needs a lot of work doing on it, … Continue reading You want me to strip an engine?

Yes, We’re doing it ALL!…But Why?

Everyone knows that the old VW’s are worth a penny or two. Especially if they’re in good condition. This is why everyone is always shocked when we say were doing everything ourselves, including the paintwork. I’m going to start right back at the very beginning so I can paint you a picture of exactly what … Continue reading Yes, We’re doing it ALL!…But Why?

Dubfreeze Day!

The first VW show of the season had arrived! And boy, didn’t we know it, we were stood in a long queue of people waiting to get their VW fix! We probably arrived at the wrong time in fairness as we had to queue a good 20 mins to get through the gates! There were … Continue reading Dubfreeze Day!