Poland – The numbers game

3448 km Travelled Over 7 days Across 4 Flights Riding 1 Train Sleeping in 2 Hotels And enjoying the luxury of 2 Apartments. Now, on to the killer question… How much did this cost? Flight Total – £71.98 each (Combination of Ryanair and Wizz) Train Total - £15 each Accommodation Total – £174 (Between 2) … Continue reading Poland – The numbers game

Gdansk – Why did we leave?

We have come to the final stage of our week long trip and we were heading from Warsaw to Gdansk. There are lots of reasons why I fell in love with this little place, I think the first one being it’s a harbour. Some of you may know, I live near the docks in Preston … Continue reading Gdansk – Why did we leave?

Warsaw, Saw War

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, so we expected big things. I guess we got what we expected, just in a different sense. We hoped there would be an old town, which was as traditional as what we had seen in Wroclaw and Krakow, however, the old town is rather small and Warsaw is mainly … Continue reading Warsaw, Saw War

Lest we forget – Krakow

We had clear blue skies from Wroclaw to Krakow, we took the train as this was the fastest and cheapest option, costing around £15 one way and taking 2 hours. Myself and Shannon spent most of the train ride eating to pass time – we were on holiday after all! When we arrived at Krakow … Continue reading Lest we forget – Krakow

It’s raining men! – Wroclaw Poland

Well, not quite the tall, dark and handsome kind that you see in the diet coke adverts. Apologies for misleading you, but these men are still pretty cute in their own way, small, tubby and full of character! Can you guess what it is yet? GNOMES! Wroclaw is rife with small Gnomes. To the unobservant … Continue reading It’s raining men! – Wroclaw Poland