The Concrete Jungle

Where dreams are made of.

We’ve booked New York for New year!

And we could not be more excited about it!

What started out as trying to find a weekend break in September ended up being a slightly more expensive week in New York… ooops!

You’re probably wondering how this happened? It’s quite simple really, if I go on sky scanner to find one holiday, I quite often get carried away looking at the prices of places on my wish list too and this is exactly what happened!

Admittedly, we could have got flights around £100 cheaper if we wanted to go in spring but for the extra £100 to experience New York dressed up to the nines for Christmas and be able to tick something off my bucket list, it’s totally worth it! And not forgetting the final bonus, with going from boxing day to new year we only need to use 1 day of holidays leaving next year’s adventure time untouched!


My bucket list.

For anyone who has known me a long while, they will be aware of my love of Ice Skating. I used to be a figure skater until I manged to get myself an injury, I then swapped to hockey skates but the love for the ice remained.

My dream? To skate in central park in winter and now it’s going to happen!


We have managed to find a cute little apartment on Air BnB which is only costing us £500 for the whole week! Bargain in my opinion for New York.

Obviously, there are so so so many things we would like to tick off whilst we are there, I won’t list them all as it would bore you to death, but all the usual New Yorky things!

What I am really after is some advice off anyone who has already been!

  1. A boat party or a VIP bar venue in times square for New year? They seem to be the same price
  2. A day trip to Niagra falls – is it worth doing?
  3. Would you pre- book attractions in advance?
  4. Broadway – Is it best to buy our tickets in advance or buy once we are there?
  5. best way to get from the airport to our accommodation which is close to West New York and the Bulls ferry crossing


And finally,

Does anyone have any quirky ideas of things to do, places to see and most importantly, places to eat?!

Any advice on the amazing city would be greatly appreciated!


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