Disney Day!

We had our quiet and peaceful night in Malham, it was now time to turn it around and head off out for Disney on Ice in Leeds and mix things up a little. Personally, I think it was a well balanced weekend!

When it came to finding a camp spot, we had a quick look on google maps and came across a few parks, we decided these could be good places to try park the van as they quite often have hidden carparks.

We drove around one particular park 2-3 times before we spotted its carpark but we had a scout around for signs and cameras to no avail. It was a 20-minute walk into the town centre which took us straight down the Otley run… Winner!


We headed off out and weaved between a couple of pubs before hitting Turtle Bay where we had a reservation. 4 cocktails later and full to the brim with food we headed for Disney on Ice! If you have never experienced Turtle Bay I would add it to your list. The food is tasty and the cocktails are lethal! Especially on 2-4-1!


Surrounded by parents and kids all in fancy dress I was in my element, just missing an outfit myself. Or a child but apparently, I’m not allowed one of those yet!

The show was fantastic, incorporating Toy Story, Cars, Frozen and Little Mermaid. The costumes were colourful and the scripts were realistic to the films, not excluding the fantastic skating skills on show! I’m going to borrow someone’s child so I have an excuse to go and see it again.

Safe to say, in true Tom and Emilie style we headed back to the van via the Otley run. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Otley Run, it’s a pub crawl down the main road from Otley into Leeds which covers around 20 bars. It’s very popular with students and Hen/Stag parties which creates a vibrant buzzing atmosphere in all the bars.

I should put this last bit in here, just so I can show you Toms ‘Oh my god FOOD face’

He ordered the whole takeaway between us! Well, not quite but we had a cheesy garlic bread for ‘the road’ then 2 separate kebabs which ended up being HUGE and a portion of cheesy chips which didn’t even get touched in the end and I wonder why I haven’t lost weight! Ooops!


Finally, here’s the spot we found in Leeds!

Leeds Carpark


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