Harry and Hermoine definitely got a helicopter lift up here….

I’m aware we’ve been a little bit quiet recently at Little Vanventures but its only because we’ve been busy having so much fun and now it’s time to report to you what mischief we have gotten ourselves into these past few weekends, starting with Malham Cove and Leeds.


Tom bought me tickets for Disney on Ice for my birthday earlier this year in Leeds. We decided to stay in the van and have some more money spare for drinks in Leeds – Who wouldn’t if given the option?

We scouted google maps for somewhere we could spend Friday night. We decided we wanted somewhere remote and in the countryside, mainly to give us a kick to get outside and go for a walk!


Our chosen point was Malham Cove. We arrived around 3pm with plenty of time to quickly get changed and head off for our walk. There was only one problem. We were parked right outside a pub so we HAD to quite literally get ‘one for the road’. A quick pint before a walk never did anyone any harm!

The pub was called The Buck Inn and had a wide selection of fine ales, a roaring log fire and a Labrador sat in front it. I can’t guarantee there will always be a Labrador there but it’s always a bonus for me if there is! I would recommend it if you’re in the village.


We set off up to the top of Malham Cove. For anyone who doesn’t know what Malham Cove looks like, you might be surprised to learn it was used to film part of Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows. Here is mine and Toms representation.


The walk to the top of the cove from the village is quite short, maybe around 2-3 miles round, but is made up of quite a lot of steep steps. I love walking but I hate stepped walks. Mainly because of how unfit they make me feel, even though inside I know they’re the best kind for fitness! Which is also why I strongly believe Harry and Hermione will have cheated and got a lift up!

Once we finished the walk we headed back to The buck Inn, for old times sakes!

We decided to set up base on Malham tarn car park. We weren’t the only ones there but the carpark itself is big enough for you to not intrude in each others space. However, they did come to introduce themselves and told us they had been travelling Europe in their motorhome. They were originally going to convert a van but decided they wouldn’t have enough space and didn’t want to risk spending the whole trip ‘wanting to kill each other’ I think were the exact words!


We spent the evening with a firepit, BBQ and music.

It’s nice to finally be able to sit out without being frozen to the core although I am still praying on summer to really show her face!


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