First, I was like WOAH, then I was like WOAH!


Please tell me you all got the finding Nemo reference in there?

If not, this is a state of emergency -please educate yourself on the joys of Finding Nemo as soon as possible!

I imagine if you’re heading to Barbados, swimming with the turtles will most likely be very near the top of your bucket list, if not at the top.


You will be able to find numerous Catamaran rides which offer you this service, from booze cruises to quiet family orientated cruises.

The answer to my question?


You do not need to pay to swim with the turtles.

However, you do need to be patient.


But, just to confirm I am not saying that you shouldn’t experience them through a Catamaran, I’m just saying there are cheaper ways to do it and more importantly, ways in which you can see them every day!

We went on the Booze cruise Catamaran and had one of the best days, we drank cocktails, sunbathed, rode a jet ski and swam with the turtles – You should definitely do it but I’ll be detailing that in a later post.


Back to the turtles.

If you want to see these for yourself, all you need is:



Sun Cream – Lots of it!



Now, that may sound like I’m going a tad OTT on the sun protection but I spent around 3 hours snorkelling, following turtles and generally in my own little world. It was only when I came out of the water I realised 1, how quickly I had burnt and 2, how badly I burnt. The next few days weren’t pleasant!

Turtles are scattered everywhere around Barbados, admittedly there are certain beaches where they are more commonly found but so long as you have patience I guarantee you’ll find one or two.


When you see one, just swim above it and soon you will be following two. They are not particularly timid and they may well swim near you in quite shallow waters, you really do just need to be patient.

We found them on Brownes Beach which is right by ‘The Boatyard’ one for another post!

The Boatyard also offer tours to see the turtles so you know they aren’t too far away!

Now, why did I prefer finding them myself?

As I have mentioned, the Catamaran is a great experience, but these boats are full of people also wanting to see the turtles. You all get kitted up, when I say all I’m talking 50+ people, you jump out of the boat and you swim to the Turtle hotspot where the guide will be handing food out to them. There may be 4-5 turtles between 50 of you, so 10 people per turtle. It’s still a great experience but a slightly over crowded one which may just stop you getting the perfect shot!


When there was just me and my dad turtle hunting, we found 2 so we had a turtle each to follow. We could dive down and get really close, we could touch the shell (gently of course) and just generally follow them and take our own pictures. We weren’t restricted to time and we didn’t have share.


My top 3 places to see Turtles

  1. Brownes beach if you want to get up close and personal
  2. Boatyard for slightly smaller groups
  3. Catamaran experience


Just to mention again, this is in no way a reflection of my experience at these places, this is purely based on my swimming with the Turtles experience. I shall be writing about each place individually.







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