I’m 26 – I can’t be running wrong?

Ever wondered why your shoes are also more worn in and scuffed on one side than the other?

Well, it could be your gait.

What do I mean by gait?

Gait is the way your body works to create motion.

A gait analysis is pretty self explanatory, it analyses the way your limbs move to check they are doing so in a way which is non detrimental to your posture and feet.

I took a trip to Foot Traffic yesterday to have A gait analysis before I did too much training in my current gym/running shoes.

Paul was very professional, he explained that my current running shoes have absolutely no support and he bent them in half just to prove so.

He asked me to run on a treadmill for around 30 seconds whilst he recorded my feet and the way they hit the floor. He explained that when the foot is mid air, all of the soft muscles and tissues have no idea how they’re going to land which allows the foot to be so flexible, but when it does it can go one of three ways, over pronounced, under pronounced or neutral.

He explained that my feet were over pronounced which meant when my foot hit the floor, my ankles bend inwards. About 70% of the population runs like this which made me feel a little better!

He suggested a pair of shoes which have extra support in them to set my foot into a neutral position. I tried on a couple of pairs and repeated the process of running on the treadmill. We compared the footage from my original shoe to the new shoes and I could instantly see the straight alignment between my ankle and foot.


Understanding Pronation

Over Pronation – As the foot is planted it rolls inward excessively, transferring weight to the inner edge instead of centering it on the ball of the foot. It’s usually seen in runners with low arches or flat feet.

Under Pronation –  This is when the outer side of the foot strikes the ground at a steeper than normal angle with little or no movement inward, causing a jarring effect, and a large transmission of shock through the lower leg.

Neutral –  neutral pronation occurs when the foot lands on the outer edge and then rolls inward in a controlled manner, distributing weight evenly and helping to absorb shock.



Having the correct running shoes can help prevent injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis and joint pain.

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