A glutton for punishment

Is a term that suits me quite well I believe!

I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, mainly because those couple of winter pounds is starting to become a spring stone.

I think I’ll always be a little bit chunky. I’ve never had the ballerina build. As one of my colleagues calls it, I’m ‘Chunky but Funky’.

Anyway, this time last year after training really hard for about 18 months I hit my lowest weight. It was also at this time that I started training for and completed the Manchester 10k in May. I did manage to run all of it. The term run used loosely it was more of a pathetic slight hop added to each step, but I did it. We won’t talk about the repercussions of doing a 10k on the hottest weekend of the year…

Moving on, I’ve decided to sign up for the Preston 10k on September 30th this year. I’ve allowed myself 28 weeks to get run fit again.

This time, I don’t want it to be a pathetic, lame, limpy run across the finish line, I want to run across feeling strong and hopefully completing it in under an hour.

I did a 2.5k run last week which was my first run in nearly 8 months. I didn’t think I was ever going to breathe normally again!


This week, I ran the 5k from Tom’s house to my friend’s which isn’t the flattest of routes. I openly admit I had to alternate between running, walking and jogging but you’ve got to start somewhere and I felt better after this than the 2.5k run the week before!


If there is anyone out there who has a fitness blog or is into running and would love to put a plan together for me, which I will stick to and write a review of for you to publish then please, get in touch! I would really appreciate the help!

I’m happy to share any information you require, times, distances run, weights, measurements and food diaries.

Please, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Second to that, any hints or tips at all would be of great help!

I shall keep you posted on my progress, along with the chosen charity!

Happy running!



3 thoughts on “A glutton for punishment

  1. Good for you! When I started running it was with a walk/run program that was time based (instead of mileage based). I started by running 1 minute walking 2 for 30 minutes. Next week was run 2 minutes walk 2. Then run 3 minutes walk 1 and so on. It worked really well. For me, focusing on time instead of mileage was really helpful.

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    1. That’s fantastic thank you very much. So far, I’ve been running as long as I can then once I need to stop, walking 50 steps then trying to run/jog 100. That seems a sensible way to build it up though! I’ll let you know I get on!

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