Everybody looks, but not everybody sees.

You don’t have to travel far to grasp the opportunity to find a beautiful place.

Quite often we have weekends where we only have a few hours free which means we can’t utilise the van as much as we would like to and I’m sure you have weekends like that too.

But, were here to remind you that you are always surrounded by beautiful places, we just fail to see them as we consider them the norm.

This was something I noticed the last time I visited Manchester. To me, Manchester is just a City close by which is good for shopping and nightlife. Its easily accessible and even though I’ve been loads of times, have I ever really seen it?

Some of the buildings there are equally as ornate as some of the buildings I would take numerous pictures of if I was in a European City somewhere.

With that in mind, we have spent the last few weekends at home spending time working on Betsy. So, I’m going to share with you some of the beautiful places around where we live that have been the setting for a nice evening stroll, or an adventurous afternoon.

Haslam Park

Haslam park is situated a 5 minute walk from where I live and generally it is somewhere I go at least once a week on dog walking duties. On this particular night, we were hoping to get some picture for my post ‘Can technology really advance as much in the next 50 years as it has in the last 50?’ and it was only when we were looking for a good spot and carrying the camera with us that myself and Tom realised most areas of the park were ‘Good Spots’. The sun was setting and we had a lovely view of Tulketh Mill. We wandered down to the duck pond and admired the swans swimming gracefully and the reflection of the tress in the water. If you ever visit Haslam park, count how many different trees you see – I think you will be quite surprised that there are very few trees the same.


Preston Docklands

I love it here. Especially at night, without a doubt it is one of my favourite places. The reflection of the lights into the water really makes it special along with the multitude of different boats moored there. I’ve always loved being by the water. I must admit, it’s a shame it has been developed to be the home of Morrisons, McDonald’s and numerous sofa specialists. I personally think it had so much more potential to be the social hub of Preston. The walk around the Docks is exactly 2.5km and incredibly popular with runners including myself (When I get a slight kick of motivation!).


Rivington Pike

This was our Friday afternoon jaunt last week. I had never been before but Tom has spent a lot of time here whilst growing up, mainly riding his bike. He was showing me the kind of jumps he would do, I have decided that there are Some things I would rather not know when it relates to his adrenaline junkie side! Rivington Pike overlooks the village of Rivington in Lancashire. The closest town to it is Horwich. The Pike is 363 meters high and is quite a steady uphill walk we came up and down in around an hour and 15, which does include spending some time taking pictures. The tower at the top is a grade 2 listed building and was originally built as a hunting lodge in 1733. As you take the walk from the car park to the top, you can bear off to the right and see the gardens which were once referred to as being like the Chinese gardens. A lot of work is currently being done to try and preserve them. We were lucky enough to see some wild deer in the trees as we were walking up. Not something you see every day!



So now, I challenge you to find something beautiful close to where you are.

Remember, everybody looks, but not everybody sees.

Please, feel free to tag us in any of your responses so we too can see the beauty around you!

via Daily Prompt: Grasp

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