We’re going on a coo hunt!

We’re going on a cow hunt!

We’re going to find a ginger one!

We’re not scared!

It was THE best day! The day we got to go looking for some Ginger Highland Coos!

And we certainly weren’t disappointed!

Now, where did we find these lovely animals?

Glen Nevis!


We followed the long windy road through the scenic area of Glen Nevis for around 2 miles.

Cows roam free here so I guess it’s a case of luck if you can actually get to them and on this day, we were incredibly lucky!

I spotted them as we came over a hill just to the left by a river, there were around 5-6 of them.

Obviously, I had to go and meet them personally!

IMG_6109 (1)
This would have been our first family portrait but…..

If you don’t know a lot about Highland Coo’s, here’s some facts for you!

  • They have 2 layers of fur, the top layer which is the one we see is quite oily to help repel rain and the under layer is quite fluffy and acts as a down layer to keep them warm through the harsh Scottish winters.


  • Highland cows are very friendly, they have often been known to approach people for attention, but you should definitely try to avoid distressing them if they have a calf with them as there’s a potential they may become possessive.


  • They produce a very lean meat, leaner than most other cow meat by around 40%, because of this they are prize cattle. Personally, I think they’re far too cute to eat!


  • Highland cows are the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world, dating back to 1884. The queen is now a part of the Highland Cattle society and has her own fold of award-winning highland cattle!


Now, lets see if Tom will let me keep one…..

Watch the YouTube video here



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