The Yellow One VS The Beast from The East!

That’s right, The Yellow One is going to go on a mission to get from Preston to Fort William.

Why I hear you ask?

Because the driver is a fearless adrenaline junkie. That’s why.

Most of the country has had days of snow and now we are battling ferocious winds as the Beast from the East hits Storm Emma.

If I’m honest, I’m a tad upset that we got to the letter ‘E’ and I wasn’t asked if I would like to submit my name. I spent my whole life never having anything with my name on due to its unusual spelling and I feel the perfect compensation for that would have been naming a storm after me.

So, what is our plan for this weekend and why are we driving to Scotland?

Tom’s parents have hired a cottage near Fort William so we will be joining them for a couple of days. Tonight, we will be staying in the van and then tomorrow, we have a few days of luxury. It’s luxury because it has a bath. That is literally the only criteria for me.

My aims for this trip are as follows:

  1. Go skiing/Snowboarding on the Nevis range – Failing that make snowmen and win a snowball fight.
  2. Meet a Highland cow (must be ginger or it doesn’t count)
  3. Feed a Highland cow
  4. Get a good picture and a selfie with a Highland cow
  5. Try some Haggis – I think I’ve had it when I was younger but I definitely need a refresh

I think they’re some pretty reasonable aims for a 4 day trip! Personally, the most important one for me is the cows. We visit Scotland on a regular basis and on the odd occasion we may drive past one which is in a really inconvenient place but this weekend I am determined to get Highland Cow cuddles!

I’ll do pretty much anything, but I won’t willingly tempt fate, so now you’re sat there pondering as to whether we made it or not, yes we did!

We’ve spent our night in the van, had a few too many drinks in Fort William last night and now we’re currently admiring the view out of our cottage!

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