Can technology really continue to advance as much as it has over the last 50 years?

This one doesn’t really have any connection to the predominant theme for my blog, which is of course travel and van life. However, after a recent conversation within my office at work it’s something I would really like to hear other people’s opinions on.

I asked the question ‘Do you think technology will advance as much as it has in the last 50 years for the next 50 years?’

It’s a pretty simple question and the answer might come straight to you, but I just want you to think about your answer and the reason why you chose it.

I would like to take a second of your time and go back into the 60’s. We will go for 1968 to be exact.


Are you there? Are you wearing your flares and platforms? Singing to ABBA as loud as you can whilst driving around in your VW split screen?


So, what was technology like in 1968?

Internet – What’s that?

Computers – If you have £8000 spare but they’re not useful computers like the ones we have today. The computers in 1968 only had 32KB of memory which to put into perspective probably won’t be enough memory to store this one single word document!

Video Games – Weren’t even thought of yet. These appeared in 1975.

Music – Played using a vinyl. These are now collectors’ items!

Cars – My beautiful Betsy wasn’t even around in 1968! You’re looking at the likes of ford mustangs, Chevrolets and split screens! No mod cons, just a car that can get you from A to B.

TV – By 1968 colour TV’s were just starting to become the norm in general UK households. However, there were only a small selection of channels to watch.

Mobile Phones – The first mobile phone was released in 1984 and to be honest, it really wasn’t very mobile!


So, now that’s set the scene in your mind. **SNAP** You’re back in the room and its 2018.

Internet – We couldn’t live without the internet, it’s the main source of knowledge for most people. In fact, the internet has practically taken over the world!

Music- mainly listened to by streaming over the internet, for example Spotify.

Mobile Phones – Mainly consume data nowadays.

Video games – Played online.

So that’s the internet in a nutshell. We would all be a little lost if it was to be just ‘turned off’ one day.

Computers –  pretty much run the whole world now, every business needs them and most people have them for personal use, if they don’t have a PC they have a tablet which is a variation of a theme.

Video games – just as realistic as the real world nowadays.

Cars – We now have electric cars, cars which can park themselves and are working towards a driverless car.

TV – We have access to over 1000 channels plus we can use apps such as Netflix to view films and TV series as and when we want. We can also get 3D TV’s.

Mobile phones – So much more than a phone, mobile emails, mobile camera, mobile music, mobile social media, mobile work. You name it and you can probably use your phone to do it… whilst mobile!

On my Laptop surfing the web in the park outside


Now, back to my question.

Do you think technology will advance as much as it has in the last 50 years for the next 50 years?

Personally, I don’t think there will be anywhere near as much ‘new’ technology discovered. I just think that any changes made will have a huge impact on society. For example, the driverless car. It wont be using new technology as such we will just be manipulating current technology to do something completely out of the ordinary. something which will take a huge leap of faith as humans are so used to being in control.

I would LOVE to know what you think about the way technology will advance over the next 50 years!

If I can get some responses together I will share another post airing everyone’s opinions!

Please either leave a comment on here or email



5 thoughts on “Can technology really continue to advance as much as it has over the last 50 years?

  1. I’ve thought about this a few times recently. The last 150 years or so have been the most ground breaking in human history – from electricity to cars to planes to putting someone on the moon, to taking a picture and low and behold a smart phone. I don’t think we will ever be like a Star Wars movie, but it will be interesting to see how far technology does go in my life time. Growing up in the 90’s we old had one massive computer per classroom and mobiles (at the end of the decade) were large too and only basic functions. 15 years later and a mobile phone is unrecognisable.
    Personally though, I like to switch off and get back to nature. I’d love to throw my ‘phone in the canal and communicate by letter (or carrier pigeon?!)

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    1. Thank you so much for your input! its really interesting hearing other peoples opinions! I agree, switching off to nature and being remote is amazing but the way the human race is going we wont be able to switch off at all soon! if you don’t mind, I have had quite a few responses which I would like to post on a later blog. Would you mind me including your response and a link to your blog?

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