Who you gonna call?

Rust Busters!

That’s right – myself and big Tom are now fully fledged ‘Rust Busters’

We spent Saturday afternoon in the garage (Yes, because were soft and it was freezing outside!) doing some serious rust bustin!

This kinda thing takes serious skill.

Serious skill in the form of a lot of patience because there’s hours and hours of rust bustin’ to do on Betsy!

We managed to completely strip and separate the dash, sand it down and respray it with primer.


You can see the amazing rust busters video at: Rust Busters

The other Tom still needs to complete his training to become a certified Rust Buster. He was too busy out cycling on Saturday to undertake Rust Buster training.

Sunday was a full day on the van for all of us. Unfortunately, myself and Tom were nursing a slight hangover due to attending a wedding on Saturday night so spending the day outside in the fresh air whilst being topped up with caffeine was exactly what the doctor ordered for us!

It was the beginning of mission remove the engine!


My role in this task? Sit in the driver’s seat and push the brake pedal on and off as and when required. I got to do this for around 45 mins whilst the 2 Toms were under the van. I was in a little suntrap sat there minding my own business ad recovering!


I was then moved onto mission flower removal which required heating the vinyl flowers with a heat gun until they peeled off. Again, quite a cushty job!


Don’t worry though, they got their own back when it came to do some jet washing. I was first to wash the roof and got absolutely soaked!

Once the engine was finally out, we degreased it and then attempted to move it into the garage. I say attempted because I attempted to lift it with the help of the two Toms and I had no chance. Couldn’t even get it to move an inch of the ground so I gave up. I rarely give up but I was going to do some damage if I carried on. I left it to the boys to drag the engine across the garage whilst me and my mum stood inside and watched them from the dining room trying to decide if we should refer to them as dumb and dumber or the chuckle brothers!


I guess we can’t be too harsh on them as they did actually manage to get the whole thing into the garage and onto the table ready to be stripped and rebuilt!

All in all, it was an action packed weekend and we got quite a bit of work done.

To see the timelapse of both Saturday and Sunday please visit this link

Time for the break down!

Man Hours: 8

Spend: £0

Total Man Hours to Date: 30

Total Spend to Date: £202.5


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