The Day of Dublin!

If you got the opportunity to visit a new City, just for the day, would you take it?

12 hours of fresh culture, unexplored soil and in this case a taste of real Guinness!

This is exactly what I did when Ryanair had a flash sale.

I got return tickets to Dublin for £4 and nope, I haven’t missed a 0 off there!

So, me, my mum and dad all took a trip to Dublin for the day.

We flew from Liverpool at 6am then back into Liverpool at 9pm.

Now, what was on our agenda?

  1. Hop on Hop off Bus

I am a great advocate of these, especially when you’re on a tight time scale, you can see the highlights of the whole city within a few short hours. Personally, I find its best to do a loop of the city and then decide which stops you would like to get off at.

  1. Guinness Factory

This is a MUST see if you’re going to Dublin. I mean you haven’t REALLY been to Dublin unless you took a trip here and had your picture taken stood in front of the Storehouse gates. Jumping on the bandwagon I know, but it must be done so go ahead, take that shameful selfie and show it off to the world with absolute pride! The tour takes you on a journey through time explaining exactly how the famous black stuff is made and how it grew to become so popular. Once you get to the top, you are rewarded with a refreshing and perfectly pulled pint of Guinness. Prices start from 17.5 Euro

  1. Leprechaun Museum

This is NOT a must see. Unless of course you’re really into the mystical and majestic world of folklore and fairy tales. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that the museum was bad in anyway, in fact it was pretty darn good. The story tellers were amazing and the rooms come to life around you. I just wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who isn’t remotely interest in pixies, fairies and sprites!

  1. Temple Bar

Again, another MUST see. The atmosphere here is explosive at any time in the day but I prefer it in the late afternoon/evening. Temple Bar is a pub itself, but the area around it is also referred to as Temple Bar too. This area hosts a collection of bars all of which serve Guinness (of course) and all have a selection of live music and entertainment. So, get yourself a Guinness and prepare to Irish jig like you’ve never jigged before!

Sadly, for us, after we’d done some jigging it was time for us to head back to the airport however, I’m lucky enough to have visited Dublin with the girls back in 2016 so I’ve experienced Temple Bar at night and Copperface Jacks.

Copperface Jacks I hear you cry!

What is Copperface jacks?!

Copperface Jacks is an underground night club located just outside the city centre. Speak to anyone in Dublin and they will tell you it’s the place to go! Thinking back, it had a slight Ruins Bar feel to it actually. When you arrive, you feel like you’re entering one really large and fancy looking row of terraced houses – but once you’re in there’s no walls and small rooms, its absolutely huge and the place is buzzin! Personally, I wouldn’t rush to go back again, but that’s probably more to do with my age and the fact I can’t recover from late nights so much anymore!

Finally, Dublin is not the place to go for a cheap city break, even though the flights are cheap, accommodation especially in the centre is very expensive. Drinks average around 5 Eur per pint so this can quite quickly stack up. Please don’t let this put you off though, it’s certainly one of my favourite places!

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