Dubfreeze Day!

The first VW show of the season had arrived!

And boy, didn’t we know it, we were stood in a long queue of people waiting to get their VW fix! We probably arrived at the wrong time in fairness as we had to queue a good 20 mins to get through the gates! There were streams of people walking past us carrying various VW items they had bought. Tom (Older one) passed comment to each one that walked past ‘what have you got?’ ‘save some for me!’ which made us and a few people around us chuckle, he was just trying to make the time pass a little quicker.


You can get a camping ticket for Dubfreeze which is very reasonably priced (£7.50) however with my poor Dub being in tiny pieces split between the carport and the garage, we didn’t bother! I’m also still slightly put off by the last time I turned up to a VW show… but not in a VW. When I was 18 I went down to Bug Jam at Santa Pod, obviously we owned Betsy then but I couldn’t get insured on her. I was driving through the hordes of campers when someone jumped onto the bonnet of my little Peugeot 206 and started shouting ‘THIS ISNT A VW’ and banging on my bonnet! I had to cover her ears at times as people referred to her a ‘French *#&*!!’.

Safe to say I was pretty mortified at my welcome, but I carried on, followed my friend who did have a VW golf which I was so appreciative of as I felt I would most definitely need to use them as protection!


I would love to find the guy who did that and show him Betsy when she’s finished, along with me driving her but I imagine that will never happen now! I shall just have to keep the smugness to myself! All in all, considering my traumatic welcome to Bug Jam, I had the BEST weekend! There was music, food stalls, drinks stalls, drag racing and so much more! I will definitely be making a return in my new and improved Betsy this year.


Back to Dubfreeze, in all honesty there weren’t as many vintage VW’s up for show as a lot of the other VW shows, but inside there was a really good selection of market stalls. We bought some new backlights and seals for them along with some more primer (Cheaper than Halfords!) and little clips for the VW badge.


If you really wanted to, you could spend and spend in there to get your VW looking absolutely mint! I had to remind myself, this is a step by step project – you do not need everything now. I repeat you do NOT need everything now! However, one cool accessory we did purchase was a JUL 1976 tax disc in the 1970’s style! I know it’s a bit cheesy but I just couldn’t resist!

How Beautiful would Betsy look this colour?!

As soon as we got home, Tom (Younger one) was straight into his scruffs and outside working on Betsy. I think the show had given him a serious motivation boost to get her finished in time for summer! He removed the full dashboard including the steering wheel, took off the final door and removed the drivers seat. Poor poor Betsy really isn’t far off just being a shell!

Who can spot Tom? Never mind Where’s Wally!

Time for the breakdown…

Backlights – £12.6

Seals – £4.5

Clips – £3

Primer – £3 each (2 cans purchased)

Tax disc sticker – £1.5


Total Spend to date: £202.5

Total Man Hours to Date: 22

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