Unintentionally breaking glass IS lucky right?….

We were up, ready and rearing to go!

A good 8 hours sleep – Check!

Filling breakfast – Check!

Lots of caffeine – Check!

Scruffy clothes – Check

We were fully prepared for the day ahead, or so we thought.

We started off by removing a few more parts from Betsy, I worked on removing the head lights, grill, and VW badge whilst Tom (older one) worked on removing the passenger seat, all in all this took around an hour. Not long at all but with every small feature we remove, the more of an empty shell she becomes. I do keep reminding her that were doing it for her own good!


We started to remove the front windscreen, I was given a heated gun to warm up the seals to make the process easier. I sat inside the cabin and turned the heater on. After a few minutes Tom started trying to get the windscreen out, wedging screwdrivers into the seals to pop the glass out. This wasn’t an easy task. I could tell by the faces he was pulling and the way he was muttering under his breath. Apparently, windscreens are a pain to get out and last time he did the restoration he smashed one. We both chuckled and continued trying to loosen it off.


Just as we thought we were getting somewhere, the glass started to move, the seals were giving in and then it happened. Everywhere. Glass, everywhere.

I screamed in shock and covered my face, Tom was shouting how are your eyes? HOW ARE YOUR EYES? They were fine, I was fine just a little bit covered in glass. Tom had managed to get a small amount of glass shard in his hand but nothing serious which is the main thing! After the shock subsided we realised how lucky we were that the glass broke on us now and not when we were driving down the motorway after a stone had hit it.


We were very much unaware that it was not a laminated windscreen. We have done some research and it seems laminated windscreens became standard for cars produced in and after 1980 for them to comply with UK law. Obviously, Betsy wouldn’t have originally had a laminated windscreen and it seems the next one we brought was also from an original VW bay window. The next one however, will definitely be laminated!

The next hour was spent sweeping, sweeping and more sweeping! Our favourite but most unhelpful member of the team, Bremen had to be taken inside as the last thing we needed was a trip to the vets too!

Sue came out about half an hour after the incident and asked ‘How come you’ve smashed the windscreen?’

Yes – This was a genuine question and yes she thought this had been done on purpose. Bless her.

After the clean-up I was taken on my first trip to Machine Mart. I have decided to buy as much as I can using my Revolut card, mainly so all expenses are kept in one place but also because it will do a monthly expenditure breakdown for me. I topped up the card with £200 and was just thinking… please be enough! You know, coming to the end of the month and all that!

We walked towards the abrasives and I was handed a few quids worth of stuff, we got some safety glasses and dust mask too which totalled maybe £20 an I was thinking wow, I’ve got off lightly here. I placed everything on the counter then Tom said now, we need a car jack and axel stands… I just saw £££££££££ across my eyes – similar to a machine. Except the money was going out and not coming in. I hadn’t won.


1 car jack and 4 axel stands later, along with the abrasives and other bits and bobs we had purchased, I was £169 lighter. We then nipped to Halfords for some primer (£7.49) – probably not the cheapest of places but it was the only one open!

Not too bad for the first shopping trip to be honest!

Please see link to YouTube video of the Time-lapse for 17th Feb (Yes, it includes the smashed screen incident!)

Time for the break down!

Man Hours: 5

Spend: £175

Total Man Hours to Date: 20

Total Spend to Date: £175

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