As promised…

I have completed setting up our social media accounts!

YouTube, well, It’s been hmmm… different…embarrassing… hilarious to say the very least! And yep, I STILL hate the sound of my own voice but apparently Tom hates his too so that’s cool, least I’m not the only one! Personally, I think the outtakes are the best part but I guess people don’t watch your YouTube Vlog to see you laughing like a hyena do they?!

If you want to see us embarrass ourselves further then please follow our YouTube channel – This may also be the best way to see the Betsy restoration videos!

YouTube Link

Laughing Em Tom
Yes, this is on our first YouTube vid!

Pinterest was quite easy to start. I love pinterest so I’m quite familiar with the way it works and I already have a few boards set up. However, I underestimated how much work would be involved in adding all of our posts so I think this one will be a work in progress type for a while as I am trying to add text to every picture! Like the example below!

Pinterest Link


Instagram is one of the social media platforms we created straight away. Again, I love Instagram and if given the chance I can spend hours trawling through posts! We have quite a few pictures on there. Some make it to the blog and some don’t so I guess it would be nice for you all to see our Instagram posts too! This one wasn’t so much of a learning curve as the others but I did put my first story on today – big steps forward!

Instagram Link


Twitter is still an unknown to me. I write stuff, add a few hashtags and then it kinda just ends up everywhere by various different channels. Sometimes it’s from a like or a retweet but other times I just lose the communication trail completely, but I just think its cool, I’ll carry on because by some unknown magic it seems to be working quite well! However, I do like how quickly information can travel through twitter and how easy it is to find people and topics using the #’s to connect! As far as networking goes – twitter is a mind blower! Anywhooo… Send us a tweet!

Twitter Link


2 thoughts on “As promised…

  1. Glad you’re enjoying Twitter, it’s still a mystery to me! I’m doing the same with you with Pinterest; I know some bloggers who love it and some who loathe it, so who knows how I’ll get on with it.


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