I see trees of green, red walls too…

I see them stood tall, for me and you.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Marrakech is referred to as the ‘Red’ city. But it’s not just the city walls that surround the Medina that are red, most buildings in the city are red too.

In fairness, during the day they are more of a terracotta colour, still beautiful but nowhere near as dramatic as the walls have potential to be.


Once the sun starts to set in Marrakech, the whole city is transformed into a glowing red beacon. It really is beautiful. The more intense the sunset, the more intense the colour of the walls. I really would suggest, even if you take nothing else on board in regard to my Marrakech sightseeing advice that you spend one evening sat in a rooftop bar that borders the city walls having a drink, of your choice be it larger, water or mint tea and just watching the sunset change the colour of the walls and in turn, the colour of the Atlas Mountains.


The walls are made from red clay and lime, they are around 10m high and 19km long. One of the first things you will notice about the walls are the numerous ‘Pidgeon’ holes in them. Unfortunately, you would be wrong to think of them as Pidgeon holes, even though they are now home to numerous birds, that is not the reason for their existence. The holes in the walls are there to allow the wall to expand and contract in the mid-day heat of summer and the cold nights of winter. These holes which allow expansion and contraction are the reason why you will rarely see any cracks that have formed in the wall, despite the fact it was built in 1062.


The famous red walls surround the Medina (Old town) and were built to protect the inhabitants of the city. Up until the 20th century, the gates of the wall were locked every night. Now, they are left open so that everyone can enjoy the bustling and magical atmosphere contained inside those glorious glowing red walls.


3 thoughts on “I see trees of green, red walls too…

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I am currently working on a post about the souks – the Souks are so amazing that I have asked guest bloggers to be involved too because I can’t honestly put them into words myself! It should be up by the end of weekend – you’ll have to keep your eye out for it because in my opinion the Souks are the heart and soul of Marrakech! I’m glad I’ve inspired you – you should definitely get it ticked off – you won’t regret it! I have a couple of other posts about Marrakech on my blog, you may be interested in the one about Mint Tea and my personal fave is about my henna experience 🤦‍♀️🙊


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