Introducing the New and Improved Little Vanventures Team! #Operationbetsysfacelift

Hi All,

Over the next few months, the Little Vanventures team will be expanding to help fulfil operation ‘Betsys Facelift’. The team will now consist of:

Tom – Emilies Dad and Betsys first restorer (project leader)

Emilie – Will do as I’m told (Whilst posting progress to social media)

Tom – Will also do as he’s told but probably better than Emilie (Photographer)

Sue – Emilie’s Mum (Taken on the task of interior design and chief brew maker)

Bremen – Can chew stuff up, look cute and is almost always sat in the way!


She was last restored by my Dad around 12 years ago. We bought her off Ebay and she was in a real mess! She doesn’t need quite as much work as last time, but she certainly needs some brightening up.

Betsy blue2
How she started life with us!

The plan is to have her back on the road again by early summer after being stripped, resprayed and fitted with a new interior. These are the key elements we require so that she’s ready to use come summer time. Without a doubt after this I will also be making modifications and adding new gadgets and gizmos along the way. However, anyone with a van will know so long as there’s a bed and its water tight, we just want to be out camping!

Betsy blue21
14 year old Emilie – Looking extra cool!

I have created a separate page on Little Vanventures specifically for Betsys Restoration, this helps to keep all the information together in one place and will provide a timeline of events to look back on in the future. I also still plan on doing my usual day to day blogging so this separate page will provide ease of access for Betsy fans!

newpink betsy
Original Painted Shell

I’ll be keeping an accurate log of cost and also labour time involved with this project – I’m already incredibly unprepared to see the grand total!

Little Vanventures will also be taking a leap of faith into the world of ‘Vlogging’ – This will be interesting to say the least. Surely, I’m not the only one who hates the sound of their own voice?! So, my task for the next few days will be setting up our YouTube channel! I will let you know when were up and running! All exciting times ahead for us!


I would like to thank you all for following our journey and I hope you enjoy it even half as much as we do!

Please please please feel free to offer us any advice or hints/tips/tricks as we undertake this project, even though its Betsys second restoration it’s still a huge learning curve for us! Oh and finally, if you have any questions, ask away!

Looking forward to keeping you updated!

Little Vanventures Team!

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