Betsy is finally getting a facelift!

For anyone who hasn’t met Betsy, she’s our beautifully pink 1970s Volkswagen Bay Window.

You can learn all about Betsy here.

Betsy is starting to look very tired and sun damaged in her old age so we thought it was about time we spruced her up a little and gave her some serious TLC!

Betsys first restoration by us was done around 12 years ago, so she’s well overdue some attention!

Today, we made the first steps towards this almighty task and we’re very excited to be sharing our story and pictures with you!

We started off by clearing out the car port which in the last few years has become home to a few different household items, for example the washing line and wheelie bins! In fairness, it only took the 3 of us around 30 mins to clear it out and sweep it clean.

Upon actually moving Betsy into the carport we soon realised that she wouldn’t start for us! Myself and Tom have absolutely no idea on how to get her running again so I had a ‘Daaaaad – Help me…’ moment! Sure enough, within 5 minutes we heard the monsterous roar of her engines starting up! I’m sure I’m not the only one who absolutely loves the roaring sound of an air cooled engine!

The rest of the day was spent clearing her out and stripping her down. She’s now looking very bare but not for long – she will definitely thank us for it!

I feel like I have to give special credit to Bremen, my black Labrador who spent the whole day following us around and sitting in the most inappropriate places! He’s cute though so we will let him off!

Total spent so far on the restoration: £0 and 3 hours of man power!

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