We like to drink with Tom cause Tom is our friend…

But what happens when he can’t drink in Marrakech?











Absolutely nothing, because you can drink in Marrakech! I hear a sigh of relief from most brits!

If you’re not already aware, Marrakech is a predominately Muslim country, which to us boozy brits means you’re essentially entering an alcohol free zone.

Admittedly, alcohol isn’t as easy to come by as usual and most places do not sell it, especially around the Medina and the Old Town, but it is there.

As Marrakech has developed into more of a tourist hotspot, they have realised that there is significant money to be made in alcohol. So even though they may not drink it themselves, they will serve it.

We found that some Riads in the Medina did sell alcohol but if alcohol is top of your agenda then we suggest you ask in advance prior to entering. If they do not sell alcohol then normally they will direct you to somewhere that does.

There are a couple of rooftop bars opposite the Katoubia, which provide a beautiful sunset view and there are plenty of bars in the new town, including a couple of night clubs.

For anybody wanting to buy alcohol to drink at their hotel etc, it is sold at the Carrefour supermarket, however you need to get there before 8pm as it is government law that no alcohol is sold in the supermarkets after 8pm. Also, make sure you get a bag as we passed 2 Americans who were carrying alcohol and they weren’t getting the most appreciative of looks from the locals.

Above all, it is important to respect their culture and beliefs, so if you are going to drink, drink sensibly and responsibly!

5 thoughts on “We like to drink with Tom cause Tom is our friend…

    1. Hi Kelly, I cant find a way to contact you via email but I wondered if you would help me out with a post?

      I am looking to get some guest writers on a post of mine. Obviously, I will share a link to your blog/vlog/Instagram etc which ever you prefer.

      All I ask is if you would please describe the Souk experience in Marrakech for me in 10 words or less.

      I would really appreciate your input and hopefully it may help advertise your blog too!

      If you would like to read my post before you agree to feature in it, not a problem just let me know 🙂

      Many Thanks
      Little Vanventures


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