Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side – What Do We Know?

I know were not the only ones who spend our time scrolling through instagram post after instagram post looking at these beautiful beaches, mountains and lakes. And oh those vans, the beautifully converted vans, all singing all dancing, wood interiors which are incredibly heavy and very bad for fuel economy – Is this all really true? Not that I don’t absolutely love our Vans to bits because I do. They have everything we need, including bucket loads of character!

It’s in those moments, I remind myself of the positives of travelling whilst still working because there certainly are plenty of them and for anyone thinking you need uggings of savings or rich relatives to get even a taster of this lifestyle then we are the inspiration for you.

Anyone new to our blog may not know that we actually work full time, 40 hours a week at an engineering company and the majority of our travel is done on a weekend, either in our vans or on weekend city breaks.

Here are some of our favourite reasons as to why this works best for us:

  • We have something to look forward to every weekend and we ALWAYS have the Friday feeling after spending all week planning our next ‘Little Vanventure!’


  •  We have time to actually do some planning, we can spend our evenings doing research on where to go, what to see, places close by and reviewing other recommendations. I know so many people who turn up in a new city and they kinda expect things to jump out at them, then they come home feeling a little disappointed when they realise they haven’t even covered the top attractions!


  • In general, we can be a little bit more lenient with money. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t splash out on luxury every weekend – If we did, we wouldn’t be travelling in vans! However, we quite often eat and drink out or spend a bit of extra money on sight seeing and tour guides to get the most of out of our experience.


  • We absolutely love inspiring other people and the best part is when they ask ‘Wow – where was that?’ and we get to say ‘Oh, just 2 hours up the motorway – you should definitely take a look!’ or ‘Flights are really cheap at the moment, you should really consider it!’ We then have the pleasure of seeing their pictures of somewhere we have recently visited. Its a great feeling knowing you are helping others explore too!


  •  We can involve friends and family in our travels quite easily. They can either come with us and camp, use one of the vans or even stay in a hotel near. They are not travelling half way across the world to see us for 3 days out of the whole year.


  • I very much believe that travelling does wonders for you as a person all round. Experiencing different cultures and religion may open your eyes as to how others live and how lucky we are. It can help develop feelings of empathy and teach you to control your own emotions. If you enjoy travelling and being on the go, it teaches you how to juggle more than one thing at once, for example, trying to find your passport whilst also removing all liquids from you hand luggage, it may seem simple but it helps teach your mind how to deal with more than one thing at once and how to handle challenging situations, which in turn are developed into life skills that can support you in personal situations or even at work, especially if you have a demanding role.


  • This is quite a boring point but I also think its one of the more important ones. We are both still in tune with industry standards. Sometimes when you are out of work too long, you can come home from travelling and struggle to be taken on as you may be seen as ‘out of touch’. Its not always the case, I openly admit that but when you’re used to working in a fast paced environment where everything changes on a regular basis, it really is easy to lose touch, especially if you’ve got yourself into such a laid-back routine. Adjusting back into reality can be really hard!


So I guess turning up to work Mon-Fri does have some advantages after all!

I hope I have inspired some of you to get yourselves outside and don’t beat yourself up too much about not living full time on a beach somewhere – I’m pretty sure its overrated anyway…..

We’d like the chance to one day find out of course, but until then – Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go!!!

3 thoughts on “Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side – What Do We Know?

  1. How far can you go in one weekend from where you live? Do you have to plan the detail meticulously around your work arrangements or are you more fluid?


    1. Hey! No, we’re very much travelling around Work. We work 39 hours a week and our hours are set. Only luxury is a half day Friday! Until this week Tom was on shifts too so we had to work around those! We utilise Friday afternoons and if necessary we book a Friday off – mainly if were going abroad. On a normal weekend, we would happily drive 5-6 hours to get to a destination. Once you’re there it feels like a real achievement and no matter what anyone says it’s worth the journey there and back late as possible on a Sunday!


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