You did WHAT on a TUESDAY?!?!

We went to a rave.

I repeat, we went to a RAVE.

Not just me.

My MUM and my AUNTY came too. Along with my friend Shannon and her MUM.

Yep, we basically went on a family outing to a RAVE on a TUESDAY.

Now that’s settled with you, we also played BINGO at this rave.

I assure you, I’m not losing the plot and this actually happened.

We raved, danced, drank, played bingo and watched the VENGABOYS as a family outing on a Tuesday and I highly recommend you try it to!

Some of you may have clicked on to exactly where we were, for those of you that haven’t, we went to an event called Bongo Bingo.


Bongo Bingo was started by Jonny Bongo in an attempt to bring bingo out of the dark ages. Now, I have to admit, it isn’t an event for the easily offended – mainly due to the amount of curse words you may hear, but if you can put that to one side and let your hair down you’ll be in for an evening of fun!

The evening for us started by finding a seat in the bingo hall, whilst dancing to loud dance/rave style music from all eras. Then, the Vengaboys appeared, who, by the way look no different to what they did 20 years ago! They performed all of the greatest hits and really engaged with the audience. By the end of their set we were all dancing on our chairs (At our own liability of course!)


Bingo began, it was fast paced with some amazing prices – who doesn’t want a cardboard cut-out of Arnold Schwarznagger or a full set of authentic Disney princess Barbie’s??

On a serious note, the prize for a line was pretty terrible, the prize for 2 lines was usually alcoholic and the prize for a full house was cash.

But this game is about raving, it’s not about the prizes. Any number which is called that could have a song linked with it, the song is played and you have to stand up and rave before quickly sitting back down and carrying on with Bingo.

It was my mum who booked tickets, and once she realised what it was I think she was quite shocked, however we all had an excellent evening which were hoping to relive again sometime in the near future!

You can find more information and book tickets by visiting


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