The York Roast Co

If you have never heard of the phenomenon that is the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap then you have most definitely been living in hibernation for the last 3-4 months.

What are they?

Well the name its self is pretty explanatory but there are a number of fillings. Its basically a giant Yorkshire pudding, filled with either turkey, beef, gammon or pork, all the trimming including stuffing and crackling, vegetables and gravy, wrapped up and pressed shut. If that’s not enough to make your mouth water then I really don’t know what is!

This craze started at the Yorkshire Roast Co which is located at the Shambles in York.

They also sell hot sandwiches and roast potatoes drizzled with thick gravy.

It was a taste sensation and I recommend anyone who passes by to try one of these!

The woman who served us told as that on the week they went ‘Viral’ they sold over 1000 wraps in just one day!

We queued for around 15 minutes to get ours but it was totally worth the wait.

They are located at York, Shrewsbury, Salisbury and Chester.

If you get one, don’t forget to give them a #loveroasts on Instagram!

York Roast Co

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