Myth Busters – Garlic and Mosquitoes!

We all have that one unlucky friend, the one who spends all holiday looking swollen and red, itching and scratching whilst covering themselves in every repellent going.

Luckily for my friends, that one is me!

And what causes this traumatic experience?



When I was younger I never used to have this problem but as I have gotten older, these blood sucking pests have taken a liking to me. I try to take it as a compliment. I tell myself, obviously I have aged well, like a fine wine! But its very hard to be so positive when you cant sit still from the fear of being bitten or the need to itch!

This post will be the first one about our preparation for travelling to Morocco!

On Friday, myself and Tom are off to Marrakech, Morocco for 5 days, where I’m pretty sure I’ll end up being a tasty treat!


I have been doing some research into Mosquito repellent and the t’internet says that Garlic is a good repellent, either in the form of food, tablets or cream.

Obviously I cant cover myself in actual Garlic as it will be more than just the Mosquitos I will be repelling! So I am trying Garlic Tablets.


I will take 1 tablet per day for 2 weeks prior to our trip and also whilst we are there to see if this has any impact at all on the number of Mosquito bites I receive…

I really hope this works as the tablets are only £1 per 100 at ASDA – much cheaper than many other repellents out there!

Whilst I’m going to be taking them, I have had a look into any additional health benefits that taking Garlic has and found the below:

– Found to reduce blood pressure

– Help with curing the common cold

– Lowers cholesterol levels

– Reduces the risk of a heart attack

– Helps balance the levels of yeast in the body

So keep your eyes peeled for my review on the Garlic tablets upon my return!

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