Get a fringe they said….

It will be fun they said…

It will bring out your eyes they said…

Really easy to maintain they said…

Well I guess being a blogger means I have to try new things so that I can write reviews and give advice to my readers. This and the fact I have a hairdresser who isn’t afraid of just cutting my hair, whether I’m still sceptical or not is probably the reason as to why I now have a fringe!

I toyed with the idea when I went into the salon to which she said YES! DEFINITELY DO THAT! I kinda laughed it off thinking I have some time before it actually gets cut to think it through.

I was so so wrong! I forget how long I’ve known my hairdresser and how she knows she can do what she wants within reason and for her, the seed had already been planted!

I sat down and she combed a little bit forward then told me to tell one of the other girls about Betsy. Obviously I got excited and distracted as I love telling people about Betsy and before I knew it she cut straight across my fringe.. safe to say I let out quite the shriek in shock!

I was having a fringe whether I had made my mind up or not!

It’s a huge change for me and to certainly taking some getting used to. I like it but I’m going to give it a few weeks so I’m properly used to it.

The problems came when I woke up on Saturday morning looking like a parakeet! The full fringe was sticking upright!

I had my straighteners with me so I thought it’s okay, Toms just got a new inverter we will plug them into there.. how wrong was I?! The inverter started beeping from power overload and they wouldn’t even turn on! My only option then was a hat.

I spent the rest of the weekend with my hat on. Now, does this mean I won’t keep my fringe? For this reason, no. Next time I will be prepared and take some hair clips with me so I can plait it or twist it.

Admittedly, it’s probably not the easiest hairstyle to have whilst camping but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible it just means you have to improvise a little!

One question I do have though, for anyone who does have a fringe is how do you wear a hat and keep your fringe correct and in place? When I put mine on it pushed my hair into my eyes so I had to sweep it to the side underneath… any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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