Hustle and Bustle of the City

This weekend, van life is taking us down a slightly different road.

A road which doesn’t end at a beach, lake or loch.

Instead, were heading into the City. The City of York to be exact.

You’re probably thinking well, how does preparation for this differ to preparation for any other van trip?

We thought exactly the same until we started planning today!


First of all, where can we stay? Cities are full of double yellow lines, permit holders only and no return within 1 hour signs. I’ve spent some time looking on google maps to potential van spots. I have come across a couple by the river but they look very close to residential areas. I have also taken note of a couple of car parks and as a last resort we have noted the name of a few pubs which are slightly on the outskirts of the city that we can see have carparks. We tend to find that so long as you pop in for a few drinks and some food, they’re more than happy to accommodate you – but you should always ask!

We have already accepted the fact that we may not be able to get ourselves a prime city centre location so we have taken a few additional precautions.

  • Uber – York has become the 3rd city to refuse Uber a licence. So that’s off the list!
  • Public Transport – York has a good park and ride, also a strong network of buses so when we park up, we can check our nearest bus times.
  • Taxis – Not always the cheapest of options but it’s good to find out beforehand the name of a Taxi company you can use and also their rates in case you need to get one home after having a few too many cocktails and missing the last bus!


On the plus side, we don’t need to pack anywhere near as many bulky clothes as we did for our break over winter! Mainly because the weather won’t be as bad and apart from sightseeing, we won’t be doing any outdoor activities that require extra coats and shoes like hiking.

We have also decided against taking the fire pit, we feel that we would prefer to stay warm inside rather than sit out, plus we still don’t know where we will find to park up yet.

Essentially, this weekend, the van is being used as a bed and not a complete home on wheels and were really looking forward to having a change!


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