Van life doesn’t mean you have to lose face!

Life on the road is always going to take a toll on your beauty regime.

First of all, most of us wear make up to work and to socialise, which is basically 80% of the time right?

My first point has to be, taking a day off. Its good for the skin to be able to breathe a little and also embrace its natural oils!

I enjoy a day without make up, I’m sure we all do. Yet when I’m away, even if its in the van, I like to take pictures as every trip is classed as a holiday to me and for me to feel nice in pictures, I need to know I’m wearing my face!

Here’s a few ideas I have found to keep me feeling human and feminine whilst on the road.

Make up wipes

Most girls will have these anyway, but they’re definitely a necessity when living the vanlife. Personally, I don’t think it’s wise to let your stash drop below 2 packs. I use these in an evening to clean the makeup off my face, but also again in the morning to ensure my skin is clean before I do my make up again. Using a makeup wipe or a wet wipe in the morning will also help bring you round feeling refreshed in a morning.


Water wipes

Water wipes are slightly different to wet wipes and make up wipes. Really, they’re designed for new born babies as their skin is so sensitive, but I find them useful to wash with. Every van lifer or camper knows that we have to have ‘wet wipe’ washes as it’s not always easy to access shower facilities or clean open water. It’s no secret and there’s no shame in it, well, not for us.

I tend to find, a little bit of soap or shower gel on these wet wipes, rubbed in to create a small amount of foam which can be used to wash with, then a clean wet wipe to wipe away the shower gel or soap works wonders. Obviously this can’t be used as a long term substitute for showers/baths but it’s definitely better than not being able to wash at all.


Nail polish remover pot

This is something I have only recently discovered. My nail polish tends to last around a week before it starts to chip and then I need to re do then before I start biting! This doesn’t cause any problems when at home, but when on the road nail polish remover and cotton pads take up space, not a lot admittedly but space is precious in a van. The nail polish remover process can also be quite messy. I purchased a Nail polish remover pot a few weeks back for £0.99, these can be bought in most beauty stores and supermarkets. It’s basically a plastic pot filled with sponge and nail polish remover which you put your finger in, twist a few times and voila! The nail polish is gone! It’s compact, tidy and cheap what more do you need!

Battle Of The Express Varnish Remover Pots Which Performed Best maybelline primark love your nails twist pot express remover nails inc

Mini nail polish

These are available in most shops. In fairness, nail polishes don’t take up much space anyway, but if you have smaller ones, it means you can bring twice as many on the road with you! Personally, I would always try and buy quick drying ones when in the van, mainly because you can guarantee, as soon as you paint them you will need to do something which could damage them.


Nail file

Mini nail files are easy to come by and always worth having around. The week Tom wrote his ‘Wouldn’t want to break a nail would we?’  post, I think he actually required one more often than I did!


Small makeup bag

Small is the key word here. You need to be ruthless! Do you really need 3 foundations, 6 mascaras and 4 highlighters because they all make you look different depending on the time of day? NO, you don’t. Just chose your favourite ones, your go-to ones, the ones that rescue you when you most need it. Those are the only ones you need to make yourself look picture perfect. Plus, if you look too made up all of the time, no-one will think you’re actually doing all the super fun activities you’re telling them about! If you’re really struggling, it is possible to purchase make up ‘mini’s’. If you don’t want to splash out on these as well as your normal make up then keep hold of any samples you are given, these soon add up and are usually miniatures.



Compact mirror

I’ve never considered myself as being vain, until I started spending time in Toms van. The Yellow One doesn’t have a mirror in the sun visor of the passenger side, even now I still get in and pull it down to see no mirror. Ive requested we fit a small mirror there, but I’m still waiting!


I hope these tips helped you pack for your next trip!

Id love to hear what your on the road beauty tips are!

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