Gdansk – Why did we leave?

We have come to the final stage of our week long trip and we were heading from Warsaw to Gdansk.

There are lots of reasons why I fell in love with this little place, I think the first one being it’s a harbour. Some of you may know, I live near the docks in Preston and it has to be my favourite part of Preston. I tend to be drawn to places near water like beaches, marinas and docklands.


Gdansk has an absolutely stunning harbour with some really unique buildings. I would love more than anything to have an apartment with a view here!

Anyway, On to our apartment, we reserved it through and we certainly weren’t disappointed. This apartment was sheer luxury; it had a large hot tub bath, kitchen and dining area, modern living room and a wonderful bedroom. How much did these last 2 nights of luxury cost? £15 each per night. It was our cheapest accommodation so far and one which I am absolutely desperate to return to!


We ran in to the apartment like excited kids on Christmas morning. Shannon went straight for the bed and I hunted down the large bath tub! We were both completely in our element! We were located right in the centre; we were never further than a 5 minute walk from any of the attractions.

Please see below link for the apartment… You will soon see why we felt like royalty!;label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggJCAlhYSDNYBGhQiAEBmAEuwgEKd2luZG93cyAxMMgBDtgBAegBAfgBC5ICAXmoAgM;sid=7b1e1efb93ce9dd6a1a9644f45d2fe1e


Gdansk Harbour

The harbour has a long history, dating way back to the 1300’s and it played a huge part in World War 2. The town was almost completely destroyed thanks to Hitler and the Nazis. The town took 20 years to reconstruct starting in 1949.

old town gdansk

Gdansk is also one of the largest cities to be completely reconstructed from the bottom up and I am so glad they did!

Gdansk harbour itself is lovely to walk down during the day and also early evening. When we were there, we came across a pirate ship style boat which was actually a bar with live music on. We spent a few hours in here enjoying the atmosphere!


Gdansk is home to the Absinthe bar. It seemed to be quite well liked by students but it was lively and played good music so this became our local, late evening haunt! However, Absinthe is NOT for the faint hearted!

On the first evening, we went for a meal at a restaurant on the harbour. We were welcomed with flowers and a kiss on the hand. Now, the Polish are very polite, but this seemed overly polite, especially considering that morning we had also been handed some flowers in the airport. We had spent all day confused until we found someone who explained to us it was actually international women’s day!


On our last day, we got the train to Sopot which had been recommended to us by a colleague at work. Sopot didn’t disappoint either. It takes around 30 mins on the train to get from Gdansk to Sopot. Sopot is a lovely beach town. We walked down the promenade and along the pier, then sat at an outside beach café, all wrapped up with a hot chocolate watching the world go by.

Another attraction at Sopot is the crooked house, this is filled with shops and bars. It’s called the krzywy domek and is supposed to be a symbol of the modern world.


All in all, I think Gdansk and Wroclaw top the list for my favourite places in Poland and I am very excited to plan a return trip!

Flight from Krakow to Gdansk – £21

Apartment – £15 per night each

Flight from Gdansk to Liverpool – £26

I have been looking at flights quite recently and so long as you aren’t restricted to Saturday and Sunday flight times you can pick up flights for around £20-£40.


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