It’s raining men! – Wroclaw Poland

Well, not quite the tall, dark and handsome kind that you see in the diet coke adverts.

Apologies for misleading you, but these men are still pretty cute in their own way, small, tubby and full of character!

Can you guess what it is yet?


Wroclaw is rife with small Gnomes. To the unobservant kind, they could quite easily be missed, to the imaginative ones, its hours and hours of fun hunting them down! These small chaps are up to all sorts of mischief, reading books, guarding public spaces, baking, driving and asleep drunk on the street!

Personally, I think it makes a welcome change from the main tourist attractions being a churches or cathedrals.

Now, why are the Gnomes here?

In the 80’s, communism was still present in Poland and the Police were incredibly strict in regards to meetings and secret messages which go against the communist regime. A group of erratic people with a very peculiar strategy started the ‘Orange Movement’. The ‘Orange Movement’ was basically using mysterious ways to communicate. In this case Gnomes. How can you be arrested for having a meeting with miniature Gnomes right? It started by drawing Gnomes on top of Anti-Communist signs.

Now that Poland is out of communism, there is a statue of a Gnome in Wroclaw centre, known by the locals as ‘Papa Gnome’. In 2005 the Mayor wanted to continue the tradition and asked a local sculpture to help him out. There are over 300 Gnomes in Wroclaw currently, with approximately an extra 30 being added each year. The Gnome now also provides a status symbol outside of shops.

Gnomes are just one of the reasons why I loved Wroclaw so much!

The other reason is the amazing cocktails served at Pub Hustawka .This pub is located under a bridge arch and has two swinging chairs outside that you can sit on and watch the world go by.

Wroclaw is a beautiful city, tall and traditional buildings in a multitude of different colours surround the town square. It lies on the River Oder, has a gothic style town hall and a beautiful train station.

Another must not miss is the Sky Tower. Wherever I go, I like to try and find a Sky bar or tower, just to get some of the amazing views and this didn’t disappoint! See below for pictures at the top. Sitting on that girder was terrifying… Honestly!

Finally, our last pit stop before heading off to Krakow was the train to heaven. This is a vertical, life size steam train pointing 30m up to the sky. It was placed here in remembrance of the old rolling stock factory that used to be located in Wroclaw. When I say you cannot miss this, I mean you actually physically cannot miss it, you will without a doubt pass this interesting monument at some point!

We spent 1 night and 2 days in Wroclaw and it was the first stop of our week travelling Poland.

For anyone wondering why they’re getting a few blank faces when talking about Wroclaw, it’s because for the English, it is not pronounced as it is written. If you want to sound like you have done your homework before you visit you should pronounce it ‘Vro-ts-uav ‘

Flight cost – £11.99 one way  (Ryanair)

Hotel cost – £36 per night – Clean, classic but basic, would definitely stay again! (

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