Southerness Beach – Dumfries

How would you fancy camping right next to the second oldest lighthouse in Scotland?

If you fancy it, Southerness beach is the place to go!

The lighthouse was commissioned in 1748 to aid safe travel through the Solway Firth. It is now owned by Southerness Caravan Park who also operates tours of the Lighthouse.

Southerness is a very small village; it’s pretty much made up of one road. As we drove down the road, onto the dirt track and then onto the beach, we were both thinking the same thing… Please let this be high tide!

If the tide came any higher, The Yellow One would have to miraculously turn into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

We scouted around outside to see if there were any traces of the tide being any higher and took a very uneducated guess, resulting in the ‘It’ll be reyt’ option.

Both starving as we didn’t eat enough junk food on the way up, we quickly put the silver screens up and then started BBQ’ing. This has to be one of the coldest BBQ’s we’ve had to date. The temperature wasn’t particularly cold but there was a huge wind-chill. Safe to say, we didn’t last long outside and made an early exit into the van!

We hadn’t managed to see the Lighthouse in daylight so we were excited to see the views of it in the morning!

As we drove towards Dumfries, we took a stop at Sweetheart Abbey.

Now, this is one for the romantics as it’s an Abbey built to show the strength of undying love.

Sweetheart Abbey was founded by Lady Dervorgilla of Galloway. When her husband Lord John Balliol died in 1268, she had his heart embalmed and placed into an Ivory casket. She carried this everywhere with her. As a token of her love, in 1273 she founded the Abbey of Dulce Cor (This is latin for Sweetheart). When she passed in 1289, she was laid to rest at the churches alter, clutching her husbands heart.

The Abbey is mainly ruins now, however it is still beautiful with its tall arches and red sandstone walls.

The rest of the day was spent in Dumfries, we looked around the Robert Burns museum and went for a pint at the ‘Globe Inn’ which used to be Burns’ local. Personally, we don’t feel that the town of Dumfries itself has much to offer, it is just surrounded by beautiful and historic places

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