Loch Ettrick – Dumfries and Galloway

Have you ever been so remote that someone in a 4×4 has pulled over and asked you if you’re alright?

We have.

I can only assume that he thought we had broken down, with no signal to call for help so we had lit a fire to keep ourselves warm whilst we waited for some human intervention to save us!

He got quite the shock when we told him we were actually here for the night by choice!

After we had left Dumfries, we set off driving. We didn’t really have anywhere in mind, we just said if we saw anything that took our fancy, we would pull over.

There was a small sign saying Loch Ettrick so we decided to go and explore. After quite a long drive down some windy roads, slowly going uphill and inching into more and more snow, we reached the Loch just as the winter sun was setting.

We took our spot in a layby next to the Loch and spent the evening around the fire pit, eating BBQ food, having a few drinks and putting the world to rights. After an hour or so, it started to snow which made the whole scenario feel like something out of a movie.

It was a first for both of us, sitting out with a fire pit and BBQ’ing in the snow. The main positive, having somewhere to keep your drink cool!

At about 10pm, the cold got a little too much so we headed inside to play cards – old school I know but it’s supposed to be good for the brain and improve long term memory! Plus it’s a bit of friendly competition for us, well for Tom. I’m not even slightly competitive and I can’t pretend to be either!

On Sunday, we took a drive to Drumlanrig Castle. The castle itself was closed however the grounds were very much open. We took a walk along the ‘Blue route’ which lead us past the leaping arch. For anyone who hasn’t seen the leaping arch, it’s very simple but incredibly effective. The design itself is supposed to represent a Salmon leaping upstream and has been made from Sandstone, the same stone the Castle is made from.

If you would like any more information on Drumlanrig Castle, please see:


2 thoughts on “Loch Ettrick – Dumfries and Galloway

  1. Really enjoyed your blog!
    If ever you’re in that area again, go find Carrick shore near Kirkudbright….
    It’s stunning!
    Stayed last May, just a stride from the beach…..fabulously deserted coves…ideal for stone balancing.:-)


    1. Thank you very much for your feedback – I’m glad you enjoyed! We will DEFINITELY add that to our list! Im sure we will be back up that way for the weekend in the next few weeks! I shall let you know once we’ve been so you can read our post inspired by yourself 🙂


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