The Numbers Game – Scotland

The dogs have been cuddled, the parents have been handed the dirty clothes and we’ve eaten a meal that has actually been cooked in a kitchen!

Now its time to reflect on the amazing week we’ve had!


909 miles travelled

416 photos taken

153 hours of adventure

33 MPG average

15 hours of driving

5 towns visited

2 tanks of fuel

Number of laughs uncountable

And I wouldn’t change any of it. We’ve had the most incredible week exploring Scotland as part of our Christmas holidays. Working clockwise from the below picture, we’ve visited Stirling, Aviemore, Stonehaven, Dunure and New Galloway.


We’ve driven through wind, blue sky, sleet, ice and snow. Surprisingly for Scotland, no rain!


Now, the beauty of van travel is it can cost as much or a little as you would like. As this was our christmas break, we pushed our budget out a little bit and had a few treats. In total, for the week we spent circa £450. Please see the below breakdown;

£125 on Fuel

£60 on Food shopping

£80 on Eating out

£184 on Activities

£449 Total

£225 each

£33 per day for all this fun!


Hopefully, this provides some insight into a van holiday and the expenditure involved!

Please see below for the full route map.




5 thoughts on “The Numbers Game – Scotland

  1. Great post, thanks, I did the other way in 2010 :Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oban, Isle of Mull, isle of Skype, Inverness Sterling, I love Scotland. I have been there twice but I need to do the north Duress Orkney s


    1. Thank you!
      We love Scotland too! We were hoping to get further north however it takes a lot longer than it looks with it all being smaller roads and only having a week! You’ll have to get yourself up there some time soon! Do you travel in a van or stay in accommodation?


      1. Last two times I went. I stayed in accommodations. I will again. I know it is difficult to get there but next trip it will be my only objective to go north


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