Galloway Red Kite Trail

We’ve got an apartment in New Galloway for the new year with some friends.

New Galloway is a lovely little village, however with it being the run up to Hogmanay, absolutely EVERYTHING seems to be closed! Luckily we’ve got a really modern and spacious apartment with lots of room to socialise in!

Today, we took a trip out to the Galloway Red Kite Trail feeding centre.

For those who don’t know what a Red Kite is, it’s classed as a medium – large bird of prey with a wingspan of 175-179cm. It’s scientific name is Milvus Milvus. The ones here at Dumfries and Galloway were brought across from Germany to help re introduce them to Scotland as they were becoming endangered.

The feeding centre is located just inside a small village called Laurieston at Bellymack farm. The place it’s self isn’t much to see, there’s a few goats, rabbit etc to look at then a large building with a cafe and store inside. It’s £5 to watch the birds being fed and it’s well worth it!

You see hundreds circling the sky in the area, but to see them circling above your head then swooping down in front of you to feed it’s quite impressive!

The Ballymack Red Kite Visitor Centre has been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Europe investing in the rural areas.

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