Castle on the hill… (Dunure)

We were supposed to go to Ayr and camp near the beach, in reality that was harder than it seemed.

When we arrived, we couldn’t see any parking signs for the beach front however every carpark had height restrictions and also signs saying no over night camping so it didn’t fill us with confidence that we would be able to stay over on the front.

We decided to keep driving up the coast trying carpark and spare bits of land, but to no avail.

Eventually we ended up in a cute little harbour town called Dunure, in South Ayrshire. Right in the harbour was a pub called the Dunure Inn. Again, we went inside and asked if we would be able to stay on their carpark if we came in for drinks. They were more than happy to accommodate us.

After we had got sorted and eaten, we went across for a drink, we walked into live music – always a bonus. A chap was practising his Irish Folk Songs ready for an open mic night and he was very good!

An hour or so later, we got talking to the gents at the bar who were asking about our vans, what we have, where we’ve been etc etc then we got the KILLER comment.

‘So your parents have just left you a load of money to get a van and go travelling where you like then, aye?’

No no no, this stereotype is not welcomed well with us.

We quickly corrected them that we both work full time and this is essentially our hobby and little bit of freedom. They laughed and apologised.

When we woke up in the morning, we realised we were actually parked right underneath the castle ruins and in the harbour! It was lovely!

Our stay here was short lived as it was just a stop off point to break the drive up between Stonehaven and New Galloway where we were meeting some friends for the New Year.

When we left, we came across the Electric Brae. Now, this is the STRANGEST thing I have ever experienced!

Basically, the road looks like it’s going uphill, but if you put your clutch in and let the car roll free, it continues going as it’s actually down hill!

We then drove it back the opposite way as I wasn’t fully convinced! This time, it looked like we were going downhill but the car started to roll backwards! Absolute madness!

In the olden days, it was thought it was caused by a magnetic force, however it really it just an optical illusion!

You should definitely give it a try!

Not to mention, we also got some beautiful views of Aisla Craig and Isle of Arran along the coastal road. Aisla Craig, is the mound sticking up out of the sea in the below picture.

Facts about Aisla Craig

  • It’s home to 73,000 breeding seabirds
  • It’s blue hone granite rock is used to make olympic curling stones
  • It’s pronounced Elsa Craig
  • It’s only accessible by boat

Now we’re at New Galloway, in a lovely apartment with a wood burner and a BATH, with a group of friends ready to bring in the New Year!


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