Please, leave me as you found me.

Well, not quite me, but these lovely camp spots we are having the pleasure of sharing with you.

It’s really important for us that we leave places as we find them when we have been wild camping as not to ruin it for the next person or to tarnish the name of campers/caravanners/vanners.

We have a bad enough reputation as it is unfortunately thanks to the few.

We love embracing culture and looking at different places whilst driving around in our home on wheels and we’re sure you do too, so we would really appreciate it if you asked pub/hotel/shop owners before you set up camp there.

They may have said yes to us, but since we have been there may be a change in management which doesn’t allow it. Plus, it’s always best to ask and get yourself on good terms with the owners – you never know when you may need their help!

Also, please leave the spot as you found it. Take away rubbish, remove traces of fire pits, BBQs, food and drink as it can be very detrimental to wildlife, as well as looking untidy.

Hopefully, we campers, caravanners, motorhome users and van lifers can raise our profile as adventurous, culture thirsty, clean and tidy people so that we may always have the right to roam!

Thank You

Little Vanventures

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