Everybody’s gone surfing… (Stonehaven)

Well, not quite. Just Tom, because he’s the only one mad enough to do so in -3 degree temperatures!

Anyway, this little spot quickly became one of my favourites in the short 18 hours we spent here.

Firstly, the camp spot itself.

Now, this is luxury. It has TOILETS. That’s right, it’s has fully functional and clean toilets!

It’s the Stonehaven harbour carpark. We backed the tailgate against the wall of the carpark which then cascades down some rocks and into the sea.

It was a bit too cold to leave the tailgate open for a prolonged period but it would be the perfect spot in the summer!

We also got to see two cheeky seals playing about in the shallow waves by the rocks.

We didn’t arrive until after dark as we had been at Husky Haven earlier in the day, but the harbour was easily accessible and just a 10 minute walk from the town centre.

We parked up, got the silver screens on whilst the van was still warm then headed off for some tea. Tom fancied a chippy. This is when we came across Carron Fish and Chip shop.

Now, Carron Fish and Chip shop isn’t any old chippy. It was where the fried mars bars were originally started in 1992 (great year – year I was born!)

The story goes, two teenage school boys were bored and daring eachother to eat different funny and peculiar foods, one boy dared the other to eat a fried Mars bar. The woman working that day had to call the shop owner to ask how best to cook it! The news of the new delicacy travelled fast once the boys were back at school and that is how the fried Mars bar craze began!

In the morning, Tom actually managed to get himself out of bed before sunrise to get himself ready for surfing. He only lasted about an hour or so due to being so cold but managed to catch a few waves.

We then went for a walk along the wooden promenade where there are metal hand crafted sculptures of Viking ships and Whales. On the way back we spotted the seals dancing around in the waves!

As we were leaving, we took a quick stop at Dunnottar Castle, which is beautifully positioned on a cliff looking out to the coast.

In regards to the toilets mentioned, they seemed to be closed after 10pm and they opened again at 7:45, so not entirely ideal, but still better than nothing in our opinion!

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