And they called it puppy love… (Stonehaven)

Today, we got to tick something amazing off our Bucket List.

A Husky ride.

At Husky Haven, not only did we get a husky ride, we got to meet and greet all of the huskies separately, we got to feed them, give them water, harness them up AND we were our own mushers with our own team of loyal dogs!

Doesn’t really get much better than that for us!


We started the day by seeing the huskies and having a few cuddles, we then went inside and watched some short and informal videos on husky riding and mushing. All of these had been created by Wattie McDonald.

Now, Wattie McDonald is an absolute wealth of knowledge and huskies/mushing is his obvious passion. He cares a lot about these dogs and teaching everyone else about what an incredible breed of dog they are.

Wattie has completed the famous Iditarod race twice and was the only musher to finish with all 16 dogs which attracted a lot of attention from the press!

For anyone wondering what Iditarod is, it’s a 1049 mile dog sled race across Alaska taking approx 12 days to complete in icy arctic conditions! Can’t decide if he’s brave or mad personally!

We then went on to learning how to harness them and get them sled ready!

We had THE best day here.

To top it all off, we got to meet the 15 week old husky puppies!

I had a particular soft spot for a husky called Keeley, she only had one eye which reminded me of our last Labrador, Jet. He did a fantastic job and survived so well with one blind eye and one eye completely gone! I couldn’t ignore her no matter how hard I tried! Every time Tom turned around it was oh, Em’s with Keeley! I told Wattie about Jet and asked how Keeley had lost her eye, he informed me she had started getting infections in it to the point where it was best for it to be removed. He then said Keeley can be part of my team of dogs! So exciting! I had 3 girls in my team, Wattie told us the commands we needed to use, mainly HIKE to make them run faster. I also kept finding myself turning into a slushy puppy mess on a regular occasion shouting ‘Good Girl’s!’

All in all, today has been absolutely fantastic and we can’t thank Wattie and his team enough! We will certainly be returning as Tom has his eye on the ‘Ultimate Experience’ where he can camp outside with the dogs!

We also have to thank a lovely lady called Bella we met on the day who has very kindly taken lots of Photo’s of us, some of which we have used on here. She is also a travel writer and blogger. Feel free to check out her page!


Now, this selfie of us, doesn’t come without a story!

We had just returned back to the yard and were asked to stay on our sleds and keep hold of the breaks. I really wanted a picture of us, so I took a glove off and shot away, put my phone back in my pocket, glove back on and back to the breaks. After a few seconds, I could feel that my mouth was full of dog hairs from the gloves! without even thinking I let go of the breaks to try and remove them….

Someone shouts ‘Mush” and thats it… THEY’RE OFF!! Leaving Emilie behind to chase after her sled and team of dogs! HOW EMBARRASSING!

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