Wouldn’t want to break a nail would we?

Where do I start?

Well, now we have FINALLY started the journey!

We have been planning to go to Scotland between Christmas and New Year for a while. There are a few reasons why we are crazy enough to consider this, with weather forecasts saying a minimum -6°C, the reasons are: –

  • They are “free” holidays (free as in we aren’t using any of our allowance for the year)
  • We would rather be outdoors than sitting at home.
  • And finally … well … because we can!

Em’s packing started Christmas day at her house where she had to pack a suitcase … Of course she had to remember some of the new vanlife essentials Santa brought her, basically the new Rab down hut boots. She’s grumpy when she’s cold, but this was basically all she had to sort!

It was a TOUGH 30minutes for her.

However, my preparation started the week before as we were going in The Yellow One. This included, cleaning all windows and wing mirrors so that we could actually see. Now, anyone who has a van will know how visibility is limited in them and how nice it is to actually be able to see.

Just off the M74 at Abington Motorway Services ,on the way to Stirling. 

I vacced the van out from previous trips, repaired the silver screen for the big front window, one of the eyelets had come loose a few trips ago so I had to order a new one. Heaven forbid there being a potential for Em to get cold!

I moved the roof bars to suit the newly fitted roof box and to also accommodate the surfboard. All of this was done with a SERIOUS case of man flu, I might add.

I took a well-earned break for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The rest of the preparation started on Boxing Day morning for me.

So after a fantastic Christmas day, where we had both been spoilt rotten, we stayed at my house (Tom’s) so that we could pack the van ready for a prompt start to our journey, great theory behind the plan, however a little harder to execute.

We set an alarm for 08:00 start (with a view to being up at 08:30) thinking this would be ample time to get showered, dressed and pack the van up with essentials.

Merry Christmas from The Yellow One

I actually only managed to drag myself out of bed at 9 and even then I needed a few coffee’s and something to eat before I could consider functioning properly.

I started with the roof box, I filled it with the BBQ, fire pit, wood and charcoal then moved onto to the surfboard. Soon as I picked it up I realised it needed some repair work doing as last time I had used it I had somehow managed to damage the glass underneath. I used some duct tape to fix it – proper job! Then strapped it onto the roof.

Whilst doing this, Em’s only job for the morning was to have a shower, dry and straighten her hair so she was ‘photo ready’ for at least one day.

A snapchat Em had time to send her mum reviewing the straighteners Mother Santa had brought her for Christmas.

Apparently she is incapable of doing this herself and text me to bring her the hair dryer, which drew my attention away from packing the van and I had to start the preparation process again.

I continued with checking the tyre pressures – didn’t want any mishaps on the way up! I’m slightly concerned about one tyre having a slow puncture but I’ll keep my eye on it. Sure Em won’t.

I packed the van with Em’s stuff (Pretty much filled the van on its own) although, in her defence we are using her duvet.

Finally, it was time for me to pack my own stuff. I walked up stairs to my room thinking, we can set off and we might just about make it before 11:30. Opened the door and saw a mountain of Christmas gifts across the bed that I needed to sort through. It was really kind of Em to help start sorting through my things. I noticed she had managed to gather her own gifts together that she wanted to take.

Now, there’s lots of reasons why I love her, but her organizational skills are certainly not one of them!

Looks like she loves me too!

I’ll give her some credit throughout all this, she did offer to drive the first stint of the journey to give me a break.

So here I am, using my rest time, halfway up the M6 writing this blog which she is blissfully unaware of… well for now anyway!

Revenge is sweet – I’ll also continue buying STUFF.


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