Why boys shouldn’t be trusted to buy STUFF

As females, we’ve heard it all.

‘You have too many shoes’

‘Too many bags’

‘Why do you need another pair of jeans?’


‘You don’t need a bigger wardrobe, you need to get rid of some clothes.’

What the male population forgets, is that even though their ‘stuff’ may take up less room in regards to volume, it more than always takes a bigger hit on the bank balance!

This is a lesson I’ve learnt from being a child, I had a mother who never really treated herself unless she really liked it – and if she really liked it, that meant it was stored for decades and a father who probably didn’t have a lot in regards to volume but everything was ‘practical’ and had a ‘purpose’.

You know what that translates to?

It cost a FORTUNE.

It’s something I’ve been aware of from a very young age as my Dad was into mountain climbing. Keeping yourself safe and having practical gear, wasn’t cheap. It’s always been a running joke in the family. Until recently. When I learnt this wasn’t just something that happened to my parents.

It’s actually a universally recognised issue between the sexes.

Tom, lovely lovely Tom had been telling me for a few months that he really fancied a new camera. He wanted a DSLR. Meant absolutely nothing to me at the time. Doesn’t mean much to me now, just that it’s heavier to carry and shows all of my blemishes in high definition.

He spent weeks looking for one, sending me screenshots and links. Only thing I looked at each time was the price tag that went with it.

Now, we both work full time and Tom has every right to spend his money on what he wants, as do I.

Anyway, this camera started at £400. Which to me seems fairly reasonable for an upmarket, high spec, all singing all dancing camera. This is the budget I now had in my head.

A few days later, he had found a camera for £600. By this point I’m thinking wow, this photography business is quite an expensive game.

The day he actually buys it, the price has almost tripled from the original £400 to a whopping £1050. Don’t worry though. This comes with a FREE tripod he said. Im thinking to myself FREE. Are you kidding me? That’s cost you an extra £400. I’m mortified. It’s not my money to be upset about as I mentioned earlier. However, I racked my brain for a single item I could possibly want that costs as much as that. I got nothing.

Some new shoes would maybe be £40. New jeans, £50. A lovely new dress £100.

After the initial shock has passed, I try to sound interested in the camera itself.

What functions does it have?

Auto-slim? Nope

Face fixer? Nope

It does send pictures from my camera to my phone almost instantly though.

It’s taken some time for me to accept this new camera as family, but we’ve got there. We’re friends now. We’ve taken some lovely pictures and had some fun times playing with the settings and features to create light trails.

I then saw the silver lining of this what I once thought was a very dark cloud.

I can buy as many dresses, shoes, handbags as a girl could want and there’s nothing my lovely Tom can say about it!

And that, is my first real life experience as to why boys shouldn’t buy STUFF and if they are going to buy STUFF it will almost definitely increase in price between the initial thought and day of purchase!

You can tell how much shock I was in the week Tom brought the camera as the office thought a disposable camera with a price tag on stating ‘was £1050 now £4.99’ would be the perfect secret Santa present for Tom… safe to say we’re still giggling about it now!

So watch this space. Our photos taken by IPhones are slowly being phased out and replaced by the photos taken with the new addition to the family, Canon 77D.

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