Lake District – Windermere (Red Nab)

This is another fairly local stop off point for us.

This particular evening, Tom had been working twilight shift so didn’t finish until 6. Being the very kind girlfriend that I am and the fact I had just recently been insured on Toms van, I offered to drive. Mainly out of curiosity to see what a big van was like to drive compared to my little Betsy.

All in all, this was a good idea apart from the fact he didn’t pre-warn me as to how bad the roads would be towards the end! Now, I am in no way a nervous driver. The Clio has 140,000 miles on it, all of which I have added myself and by this point I had done numerous trips in Betsy, which lets say takes as much brain power as muscle power to get her moving in the direction you want her to!

The drive up the M6 was perfect, the A roads to Windermere were a dream. The B roads around the side of the lake were a bit tight for someone getting used to the size of a van, but they were alright. What wasn’t alright was trying to get down the really narrow side path next to the lake to get to Red Nab carpark.

If I was in my car or van, I probably wouldn’t have seen this as an issue as I know the exact sizes and what I can fit through or around. In Toms van this was all guesswork to me! The road started to become more like a wooded track with roots starting to peep through the concrete and various pot holes which I needed to avoid. As I say, we didn’t set off until after 6 so it was also pitch black. I carried on driving, dodging anything and everything in my way. As mentioned in my first ever post, we don’t like flat tyres!

Eventually, we arrived at Red Nab carpark. We were the only ones there and the view across Lake Windermere to Windermere and Bowness was beautiful. The Lake was calm and we could just see the twinkling lights of civilisation at the other side. It’s always nice to know there is civilisation nearby if required but even nicer to know were far enough away that we don’t actually have to engage in it.

We set up camp with the tailgate backing on to the lake and Tom quickly put the silver screens on whilst the van was still warm. We then set up the table and stove ready for our Michelin Star meal to be cooked! Tom had prepared a tomato and chorizo pasta sauce the day before to make it easier for us. We cooked the pasta on the stove (Ours is a Primus – Just in case you were interested! I’m sure Toms willing to answer any questions on this) then we sat enjoying it whilst looking out over the lake and putting the world to rights. At this point, Tom didn’t have his all singing all dancing new camera so we struggled to get some clear pictures but I will post what we do have!

Red Nab carpark is owned by the National Trust so it does get busy quite early on. Again, we set our alarms for early morning to move the van to a more sensible position allowing other cars into the carpark.

Red Nab Carpark

We cooked breakfast by the side of the lake and were asked by numerous walkers, cyclists and visitors if we had any spare! After breakfast, we took a walk down the side of the lake towards Wray Castle which is also owned by the National Trust. We met some cute fluffy cows along the way and a few swans. The main highlight was the rainbow across the lake as we were walking towards the Castle.

One thing we did notice at Wray Castle was the amount of activities they had available for younger children, including treasure hunts and flower planting. It’s really great that they are encouraging young ones to be outside.

Please see the below link to keep up to date with what’s going on at Wray Castle


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